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Solar Power BIPV For Household

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-20 07:26:24
In the 1980s, photovoltaic applications in addition to the ground as an independent solar power supply system, the network has begun to enter the field of household and commercial buildings. After entering the 1990s, with the rising cost of conventional electricity generation and people's increasing emphasis on environmental protection,solar poer portable generator some countries have implemented to promote solar roofs program, more famous one hundred thousand roofs program in Germany, the United States and Japan million roofs program new sunshine plan. Generalized photovoltaic combined with the building there are two forms: one is building and photovoltaic systems in combination; the other is a combination of architecture and photovoltaic devices.

Building and photovoltaic systems combined (BAPV)

Combined with the construction of a photovoltaic system can be used as stand-alone power supply or in a grid-mode power supply, while the grid is a new trend of solar power generation applications. The ready-plate PV modules installed on the roof or external wall housing or buildings, terminals via the controller and the inverter connected to the public grid, the PV array and power grid parallel to the user, which make up the household on grid photovoltaic systems. Because of all or substantially without batteries, the cost is greatly reduced, and in addition also has a peaking power generation, environmental protection, and a variety of functions instead of some building materials, which are PV into commercial applications and gradually developed into one of the basic power of the important the way. Such systems compared to stand-alone PV system has the following characteristics.
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① PV array and network systems in addition to the generated electricity supply to the load, but if the excess can be fed back to the grid. On rainy days or at night, ready to load from the mains power supply. Therefore, the photovoltaic system -? - Like having to with lifePo4 batteries as energy storage devices. This can reduce system cost, but also can avoid the maintenance and periodic replacement of lifePo4 batteries trouble.
② independent solar power generator array system effectively issued subject to the limit state of charge of the battery, the battery after the full rated capacity, the PV array send excess electricity can only be wasted, and the lifePo4 battery self-discharge and charging process have some power loss, and the grid system can be accessed at any time from the grid, you can make full use of the photovoltaic array issued by electricity.
③ Because of the PV array and utility grid while the power supply to the load, thereby increasing the reliability of power supply.
④ As the design and grid-connected photovoltaic systems irrespective of when the lifePo4 battery capacity Dong, to determine the size of the PV array is determined to not like independent photovoltaic systems that must be rigorously optimized design, as long as the fee depending on the load requirements and by the case can be properly calculated decision. Abroad, usually households with photovoltaic array grid scale 1.5kWp.
⑤ grid photovoltaic array system is generally installed on the roof or balcony idle, it can be supplied locally, not occupied land, suitable for densely populated urban use.
⑥ summer, due to the start air conditioning, fans and other equipment to form electricity Gao Feng, but this time it is also the largest photovoltaic power generation period square, grid-connected photovoltaic system to the public grid may play a role in peak shaving.
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Solar power generation is not equipped with a battery ... In general. Objective overseas development DISPATCHABLE network system for power peaking, although to be equipped with a lifePo4 battery, but its capacity is only required every day to meet the 34h need to peaking, the battery capacity is not independent solar ower generation system to meet more than 5 days electricity requirements, and therefore its cost is relatively independent system still reduced significantly. Because Internet time DISPATCHABLE network system can be controlled, and thus the effect of greatly peaking mention Gao. Of course, as with a lifePo4 battery pack, its environmental role than unschedulable Parallel System.
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