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Solar Photovoltaic Cells Can Mobility?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:32:00
Development of solar energy dates back to about the mid-19th century, when the use of steam power generating electrical energy related inventions make people aware of, between heat and electricity can be transformed into each other, and solar power generator, is the most direct source of heat generated. To the present, the civilian market in the application of more or about solar panels and solar powered portable generator, which can absorb sunlight through the solar radiation through the photoelectric effect or photochemical effect directly or indirectly converted into electrical energy.

The difference between the solar cell and lifePo4 battery

Solar panels by a plurality of solar cell mosaic, long exposure to sunlight, the moment will be able to output voltage, and in the case of the circuit generates a current situation. If you do not consider the technical factors, solar energy alone - the conversion of electrical energy, the solar cell is undoubtedly the perfect choice for the moment can spike all types of lifePo4 batteries. But solar cells are used for transportation, communications and military fields and other large fixed place, the current fast-growing consumer electronics industry seems to have little impact. If one day the solar cells can be "downsizing Success" and apply them to the mobile electronic device, it will bring the entire technology industry as a whole is changing direction.

Rechargeable lithium batteries can be recycled now most of the intelligent electronic products are used. Especially mobile electronic devices, and as lightweight and portable applications and more features, the user during use without environmental restrictions occasions, and the operation for a long time, so although the lithium battery life weaknesses, still the most popular choice.

Although solar cells and lithium sounds like the same type of product, but in fact not at all, or most essential difference between the two. In simple terms, it is a solar power plant, which itself does not save energy directly, while the lifePo4 battery is a battery, and can continue to power storage for users.

Comparison with a lifepo4 battery, a solar cell will be revealed weaknesses demonstrated, it is not possible from the sunlight, the solar energy into electricity with real-time synchronization of sunshine, so the solar energy, it is only during the day or even only own sunny home, but can not as long as the lithium battery fills the electricity, it is possible to completely get rid of time and the environment, and flexible to use.

Solar "downsizing" Difficulties

Because the solar cell itself does not store energy for practical applications is a very big bug, so developers had an idea, the joint use of solar cells and large capacity batteries, lead-acid batteries is the application of solar power supply system in a more class high-capacity battery. Combination of the two products, so that would not be a small volume of solar cells become more "huge", if you want to apply them to a mobile device, you must first go through "downsizing" of the process.
solar power generator
Because the energy conversion rate is not high, solar insolation usually larger area, which is the first major technical difficulties of its "downsizing" the way faces. Limit the current solar energy conversion rate is about 24%, with expensive solar panels produced compared to large-scale use unless otherwise usefulness will be greatly reduced, not to mention for which the mobile device.

Because the energy conversion rate is not high, so the solar cell area generally larger sunshine.

Solar how to "downsizing"?

The combined use of solar cells and photovoltaic panels 250w price recyclable lithium battery storage is one of the researchers who developed the direction of the solar cell is also an effective way of moving. The most common solar cell than the portable mobile power. By convert light energy into electrical energy and stored in the built-in lithium battery, solar mobile power can give mobile phones, digital cameras, tablet PCs and other products charge, both energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Really realize the industrialization of the solar cell is divided into two categories: The first category is crystalline silicon cells, including polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon cells, these account for more than 80% market share; the second is a thin film battery, subdivided into amorphous silicon cells, the process is simple, low cost, low efficiency, there are signs of a recession.
portable solar power generator
The thickness of the thin film solar cell is only a few millimeters, and can bend the roll-folded, also can use a variety of different materials as the substrate material, it can direct docking with lithium battery charging, which means that the solar cell developed into a new environment-friendly charger, It is still very possible. And such chargers can be presented in different shapes, will be more convenient to carry, such as bags or hanging on clothes, will be able to charge the phone, battery life problems will be solved.

Now many developers believe graphene material lithium battery is the solution to mobile electronic device battery life is an important breakthrough, if we can effectively improve solar cell conversion rate per unit area, the mobile form of cool charge anytime, anywhere, will be the future of energy perfect way to application problems.

Summary: Solar energy is the most generous gift of nature, but the use of portable solar power generator is not yet very popular, the use of solar power there are still high cost and low conversion efficiency. Only effectively enhance the conversion rate per unit area of solar energy, efficient use of energy to be able to realize a solar - perfect transition electrical energy, then, the movement of the solar cell will no longer be a problem. Photovoltaic panels size
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