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Solar Photovoltaic Applications In Large-scale Household Appliances

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-19 15:07:03
Solar photovoltaic appliances in the large-scale application, can produce good economic and social benefits. First, the solar photovoltaic appliance application is an important part of the application, varieties tricks with portable solar power genearator applications in home appliances is increasing, expanding its solar cell will consume more and more, which will promote the development of the solar photovoltaic power genearation industry, the development of solar energy and related electronic technologies.

Secondly, the development of solar power generation for home, but also to promote the development of traditional home appliance industry, solar photovoltaic applications in home appliances, and to the traditional home appliance industry to provide a new technical design ideas, expanding the traditional home appliance application and design concepts, such as the concept of green, with the growing awareness of environmental protection, the market demand for environmentally friendly home appliances will become increasingly large, and the use of solar PV shows the concept of environmental protection appliances, it will undoubtedly become a new impetus to the already saturated market of household appliances.

Solar photovoltaic power generation zero emissions, no pollution, while a single photovoltaic power small appliances, the environmental impact is not obvious, however, if large-scale application of solar energy in the appliance industry, will contribute to environmental protection, to reduce carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust emissions. Last year, only China's solar garden lights, for example, last year the total consumption of solar 8MW, if solar garden average life of 5 years, then in five years, due to the use of solar photovoltaic power generation is about to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions of carbon dioxide 406.56U 123.2t, nitrogen oxides and dust 5.6t 9.52t, environmental significance is very obvious.
Portable Solar Generator for Handle
In order to speed up China's solar photovoltaic applications in home appliances, the development of China's electronics industry, solar energy, should focus on the following aspects of work to do.

① According to market demand, timely adjustment of industrial structure. At present, China's production and sales of solar home, little, it should vigorously develop solar electronics industry, the establishment of the new enterprise, either developing new solar electronic products, in particular, should encourage existing household electrical appliance enterprises of existing technical appliances upgrading the use of solar power generation, as soon as possible to develop and occupy the domestic and international markets.

② Market cultivation by the government-led. Our solar home industry started late, weak technical foundation, but the industry enough stamina, so the government should carry out preferential policies to provide funding on preferential tax policies, and strengthen public opinion guidance, while enterprises should also open up the courage to seize the favorable opportunity to form a national scale the solar home climate.

③ Solar PV household electrical appliance enterprises to re-quality and quantity, an industrial scale, and increase investment in new product development. Solar home appliances to project selection, product quality, ie the indicators, life and so on to reach or exceed the level of similar products in the international market; but also to expand the market, mention Gao Dong production and reduce the cost of photovoltaic appliances; increasing new product development simple technology inputs efforts, the current solar home appliances varieties of the domestic market is small, mainly solar garden lights, solar power portable generator solar fans, solar and other small toys containing children's products low. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the added value of labor has been very low, so that the development of new products, a large number of solar home series categories, mention Gao photovoltaic appliances technical content is a priority.

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