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Solar Photovoltaic Applications In Freeway

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-19 10:13:55
Gao highway because of its unique features and the use of solar power portable generator to become a good target areas. Gao is a highway designed for a large number of cars Gao speed, safety, comfort, road continuously running through with its large capacity, traffic safety, efficiency and low consumption and become a national economic development speed Gao indispensable infrastructure.

Gao expressway power supply system plays a critical role in the safe operation of Gao highway. In no time the regional electricity market, if the use of electricity as the power supply, pull the power grid provided the cost is very expensive, if the use of solar power generation supply to essential facilities on the highway, both energy-saving and environmental protection and economic security. Next, the solar photovoltaic applications are analyzed on the highway

PV common application mode on the highway

① away from the city power grid on the motorway service area construction of photovoltaic power plants or photovoltaic - diesel hybrid systems, lighting supply service area, catering and other electricity needs. PV systems can be based on conditions on the ground using ground PV array or building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV).
② emergency telephone system. Highway through many remote areas, in order to cope with unexpected emergencies and must be provided as a means of communication emergency telephone, because of which the remote location, without the use of solar-powered long-distance transmission and distribution equipment, there is no transmission losses, safe and reliable operation. And it has been applied on the part of the highway.
③ video monitor the functioning of Gao highway is very important, and Bian employing solar energy supply is a novel and reliable way.
④ variable information panels.
⑤ solar energy spike. Main applications Gao highways and city streets at night roadside warning and garden villas decoration point, but there is no trouble laying lines.
small solar protable generator system
Other applications of solar energy in the transport sector

① crossroads traffic warning lamp is mainly used in highways and city streets at night roadside warning and decorative embellishment Villa.
② cat backbone solar lamp is mainly used in highways and city streets at night roadside warning and Villa fitted solar spike decorative embellishment.
③ Solar barricade lamp is mainly used in highway and road alerts and other city streets at night.
④ solar road edge indicator can be widely applied to any road (such as roads split, side edges, corners) and other places.
⑤ solar road warning light, solar road barrier warning lights can be widely applied to any road (such as highway guardrail, fence corner, the central isolation barrier, and other places). Solar lights, flashing card.

In terms of traffic signals, navigation lights at home and abroad as the solar cell power supply is very successful. Solar power generation can be unattended, it can automatically charge the battery, according to the intensity of light automatic switch, make beacon workers to reduce labor intensity. Some large coastal lighthouse, solar power, light intensity, long range, you can raise the sea K security guarantees. At present, China coast from south to north, and virtually beacon of solar cells, some inland buoy also uses solar power, such as Guilin Lijiang River from Guilin to Yangshuo - line all solar beacon lights. Solar buoy shown in Figure 6-13. Rail, road lights and other solar cells can also be used as a power source to recharge the battery during the day, night lights for use. When using solar power gemerator for lights, avoid blackouts, generally do not need to set up an external cable inches to operate independently, so in some places the solar lights also can be used as disaster prevention and emergency signal, an earthquake and other natural disasters, as long as it itself is not damaged, it can not affect the transmission lines and work independently.

Gao solar air obstacle lights mark from the late 1980s to the early 1990s by the use of ordinary incandescent with xenon tube light source, it has been a great development. Now widely used in telecommunications, petroleum, municipal engineering, radio, television, electricity and communications sector Tower and Gao storey building to be used for other high-altitude obstacles and roads as barriers indication signal as a warning to avoid and other aircraft or vehicle . Such products typically use high conversion efficiency of the solar cell module and long life, maintenance-free lifePo4 batteries, the inclination of the solar cell module can be freely adjusted according to the mounting position, stainless steel frame, sealed, impact and corrosion resistance.

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