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Solar Energy Storage Battery Technology Get a Revolutionary Breakthrough

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 10:56:56

When natural gas, coal, oil and other non-renewable resources, frequent emergency, energy is increasingly becoming a bottleneck for social development, the solar,wind and other renewable resources has become a new driving force for economic development. At the G20 summit, renewable energy issues, environmental issues will become the object of world leaders concerned, and as the organizer of China is more practical action to demonstrate its adherence to the concept of environmental protection, solar power energy storage technology also achieve a breakthrough, and further summit environmentally friendly match.

100Ah 48V solar battery storage
Solar energy battery storage in the near future will occupy an important position in the world energy consumption, not only to replace part of conventional energy sources, and will be the subject of the world's energy supply. By 2030, renewable energy in the total energy mix accounted for more than 30%, while the proportion of solar battery storage in the world's total electricity supply will also be more than 10%.

LD1250B LifePo4 Solar storage battery

China has become the world's leading producer of solar storage batteries. 2007 national solar energy battery storage production reached 1188MW, an increase of 293%. China has already overtaken Europe, Japan, the world's solar storage battery manufacturing superpower. In the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Sea, the Pearl River Delta, Midwest, it has formed a unique solar energy storage battery industry cluster, a growing number of national companies to enter the field of solar energy.

LD4840B Household energy storage battery

In addition to solar energy storage batteries, lithium batteries, secondary batteries, sodium-ion batteries have international forefront of technological breakthroughs. In April 2015, new progress in the lifepo4 battery pack BMS design, solution-oriented high security lithium-ion batteries, battery management systems difficult and hot issues long-life operation, the use of the proposed method for NASA Ames Strawbery prediction Center three more data to fit a standard battery. 

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