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Solar Energy Is Converted Into More User-friendly Form Energy Use

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 13:42:33
Head jobs taken in the pipe can be divided into two categories: friction losses and other losses friction losses occur in the linear part of the pipeline is due to irreversible internal fluid shear caused the loss occurred and the other elements in the pipe bend. section, elbows, joints, and restricted at the windshield, these losses may also be caused by the fluid inside the fluid shear and turbulence and mixing pipe fluid flow through a pipe connected to each other at any given export, both may pass by a number of loops consisting of flow networks. these network in many ways and a circuit similar to the resistance of different flow resistance to flow rate is a function. Thus, the flow of a typical network, often need to go through trial or iterative solver, until the entire network in each circuit can meet the: until when some flow conditions.On the market you may find some portable solar power geneator sold well because we use it as emergency power supply.

In solar home systems, used to drive the fluid flowing in the pipeline pump and fan power not to IkW, pressure head and flow rate thus generated are all mid-range, while the commercial and industrial solar power generation system pumps and fans power is are several kilowatts. for a given load, there is a wide range of different sizes of pumps and fans to choose from, the designer must choose the right size to be formed between the load and the best match.
Solar Power Generator 110A
The solar power generators received on the ground converted into a more user-friendly form of energy use, such as hot air, hot water, steam or Freon vapor, are carried out by the heat transfer process and finished first, impinges on the solar collector must through the transparent cap to Ta absorber, solar energy is absorbed by the body compare to absorb the material inside the converter facilitates utilization of internal energy. However, since the transparent cover layer of reflection, absorption and absorbent body due to a temperature above ambient and conducted , convection and heat loss caused by radiation, resulting in not all exposure to solar energy can be converted into Keziliyong order to flush the remaining energy to the working fluid (referred to as the working fluid), must also be absorbed by the body heat . Thus transfer to the working fluid, to convert solar energy into useful heat, it must be painted over all three heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation.

Designing a successful solar collector (in the case of thermal utilization T, sometimes referred to as direct solar collector>, we must take into account a variety of solar energy generation conversion and transfer mode. An ideal collector should be able to absorb all the incident solar radiation and all into useful energy. However, such an ideal collector fact can not be realized, so the designer must face how to enable setting gains and losses to get the best balance of performance problem. this mutual relationship between the energy loss of revenue and jobs taken to determine the performance of a solar collector or efficiency.

In addition to the collector, the rest of the entire solar power portable generator system component, or the energy collected or stored up to pass out. In order to make the whole system must have satisfactory properties _ energy transfer in these components to optimize, and minimize energy loss Therefore, the designer must be comprehensive, systematic understanding and strike grip heat transfer process mechanism and laws steady heat conduction: conduction means no opaque material by heat transfer and material related to them internal motion. this applies not only to the solid material, the same applies to stationary liquid and gas. when m is now within the movement, the convective heat transfer occurs. If the material is transparent or translucent, it is also possible to pass through the heat radiation heat.

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