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Solar Electricity Use Classification

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 15:28:45
Electrical use of solar energy can be carried out according to different uses different classification. Due to the different uses of the kind used in the solar power battery and the performance can Nuisance big difference. Solar cell is a semiconductor optoelectronic device context, it will be energy directly into electrical energy, which can be used as an energy converter; on the other hand it can change convert optical signals into electrical signals corresponding change, and when you can be used as a photoelectric signal converter to be used.Well we use solar power portable generator so many place.

Satellite and space solar power station power supply: This is the application of solar cells was first aspect is the future of solar cells  can flourish for the benefit of a human aspect since 1937 (March, the first artificial Earth satellite was successfully launched in the future, humanity. range of activities, from land and sea space is further extended to .30 years, with the development of space science and technology, satellite family tends to expand the ranks of H, communications satellites, meteorological satellites, navigation satellites, satellite TV broadcasting, military reconnaissance satellite and resources satellites have been into space, the space shuttle is one thousand frequent shuttling between ground and space. According to incomplete statistics, in 1992, to lower the world and international organizations launched a total of more than 5000 satellites.

Space Station: a large scale on the ground and stably direct solar light - electricity supply electrical energy conversion, there still exist a lot of difficulties due to the ground h solar irradiance is weak, with the day and night, and the weather quarter. change; even with two condenser increased solar radiation energy density, but high-capacity energy storage problem unresolved to avoid the use of solar energy generation and to overcome the limitations and limitations on the ground, people in the late 1960s. It began to put forward bold ideas satellite solar power plant.
solar power plants
Application of the transport front: Jo as beacon lights and railway signal power has been used for many years to good effect in recent years, in order to overcome the shortage of conventional energy and environmental pollution problems, and have successfully developed solar electric bicycles, cars, travel and even shoes. small aircraft, development of broad prospects.

Dissemination of communications applications: as a power source in remote areas TV transposers, carrier telephone equipment and small radio communication equipment, solar cells have a significant advantage.

Application of farming forestry sector: the lack of AC power for farmers and forestry areas, is to promote the use of solar cells has been developed vast there eradication of pests, crop protection and forest blacklight power to prevent grassland degradation, apply. the electric fence for rotational grazing power to promote the production of rubber tapping an important part of the lamp power supplies.

As solar energy applications, a wide, very wide, more than just a typical application example Ci current impact as solar energy is widely available on the ground the main obstacle hate, the cost is still too Gao - Therefore, it only a small portable solar power generator power supply to be used in some special areas economically viable and occasions, in order to avoid weaknesses, play to their characteristics.

As a signal converter applications: This is another important aspect of the solar cell applications can use silicon photocell frequency response time is short (about 1 (T4 ltT%) of the characteristics of the photoelectric switch is made; and may utilize photocurrent light area and irradiance showed a linear relationship and made all kinds of sensitive devices.

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