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Solar Conversion Efficiency And Output Characteristics

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-26 15:40:26
The conversion efficiency and other parameters of the value of the calculation, first find the open circuit voltage, that is, solar cell open end of the voltage short-circuit current, the short-circuit current at both ends of the solar cell, open circuit voltage, measurement, with a variable resistor can not get Open circuit state. Can open the variable resistor, measuring, adjust the current load, so that the current is zero, as short-circuit current, such as variable resistance can not be zero, can short-circuit variable resistor; Adjust the variable power load, so that the output power back to 0. Next, find the best working voltage of lifepo4 battery, that is, the maximum output of solar cells when the voltage is the most short-tailed working current.

It is necessary to first understand the nature of the sunlight as a light source, and in particular, when the outdoor sunlight is directly used as a light source for measurement, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of taking the light (i.e., Etc.), and the time of sunshine, when surrounding buildings: the scattered light of them should also be considered.According to the above points, the use of sunlight as a measuring light source, at first glance seems to The simulation of the sun is generally used with a short arc xenon lamp and filter combination by the xenon lamp light emitted by the xenon lamp is used to measure the light. Is focused by a reflecting mirror (a concave mirror of steamed aluminum), and then passed through an air quality filter which is a multilayer evaporating film filter which removes xenon-specific glow spectrum at 800-1000. Today lifepo4 batteries is the best storage battery for solar power storage.
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The spectrum is close to the AM-1 or AM-1.5 sunlight.Then through the integrator so that the light distribution of the surface, and then through the quartz lens to form parallel light, so that the solar cell in the measurement plane by uniform simulation of sunlight, but , Since it is not possible to obtain strictly-like light from the simulated sun, the spectral sensitivity must be scaled as described in the appendix for accurate measurements.

In addition, when the output characteristic is measured under the sunlight, the effect of the series resistance of the circuit becomes significant when the temperature rise of the solar power battery itself is caused by the strong light irradiation and the large yu current is generated, and the method of correcting and converting them Are set out in the appendix.

Fluorescent lamp conversion efficiency and output characteristics: fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps and other in-house lighting, the light intensity with lux to represent the unit is not described lux lux energy intensity, but describe the brightness of the human eye perception unit,solar power generation can not If the conversion efficiency under a fluorescent lamp is required, the light energy can be measured with a power meter in the same way as with sunlight, but it is necessary to accurately measure the low light energy Is difficult, it is usually not to calculate the conversion efficiency, but the calculation of a certain illuminance under the unit area of the maximum output power of solar cells.

When your outdoor travel or camping we take this potable solar power generator as a backup power supply. Measurement of indoor lighting characteristics of the light, the need to pay attention to stray light and measuring instruments (voltmeter) of the resistance, the so-called stray light, is measured with the light source other than the light, accurate measurement must be in the dark room, stray light As the voltage meter internal resistance, because the output power is very small, if the measuring instrument's internal resistance is small, there are more current consumption in the measuring instrument inside, it should also pay attention to.

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