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Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-12 16:59:02
Solar power portable generator components manufacturing, packaging and testing equipment are laser scribing machine, laminating machine, curing oven, battery-chip test bench, test bench components, electrical resistivity tester. Foreign larger solar cell module plant professional home very well equipped, such as cleaning glass, tile cutting EVA, solar cells have specialized equipment such as welding. The following describes the basic solar module encapsulation equipment laser scribing and solar laminator.

Laser scribing machine

Semiconductor materials, cutting and scoring is one of the key processes in the semiconductor industry. Silicon solar cell mainly diamond cutting machines and laser scribing machine cutting. Due to the higher efficiency of cutting laser scribing machine, and now many plants are using laser scribing machine to cut silicon solar cell, solar cell modules to meet the needs of small-scale production

Laser scribing machine generally consists of a laser crystal, power systems, cooling systems, optical scanning systems, focusing systems, vacuum pumps, control systems, workstations, computers, etc., shown in Figure 3-7. A power on the console, vacuum pump, cooling water and current regulation switch button buttons; cloth has a work surface pores, pores and vacuum pump, open pump solar wafers are adsorbed on the console, the cutting process is not easy to move . Cutting the battery on the table, turn on the computer, designing cutting line, press the OK button, the laser spot begins to move, on the console to adjust the appropriate operating current for cutting. Laser light with high brightness, high directivity, high color and high coherence.

After focusing the laser beam to pass through, resulting in thousands of even tens of thousands of degrees Gao temperature at the focal point, so that it can process almost all materials. Laser scribing is the laser beam is focused on silicon, germanium, arsenic material surface, forming a high power density with the wafer formed grooves, stress concentration in the groove, it is easy to neatly off along the trench. Non-contact machining laser scribing, dicing effect through the surface layer material evaporated deep substance, chemically or by light energy cause material fracture and scratches. Therefore, the silicon solar cell with a laser scribing, can better prevent damage and contamination of silicon, we can improve the utilization of silicon, to mention Gao product yield. With the traditional mechanical cutting technology compared to laser scribing has the following advantages:


① laser scribing is controlled by computer, high speed, high accuracy, greatly improving the processing efficiency;

② non-contact laser scribing process, reducing the silicon surface damage and tool wear, improved product yield.;
③ laser scribing light intensity of convenient control, high power density laser focus, can control depth of cut, suitable for such a thin silicon wafers, crisp and hard material cutting;
④ thin laser beam processing material consumption is very small, the heat processing zone affect small;
⑤ laser scribing trenches and tidy, no cracks, consistent depth;
⑥ laser processing simple and convenient operation, safety, labor, material consumption and low cost for portable solar power generator.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
Use cutting machine solar, problems that need attention are:

① must be in the water cycle to work, and then start the laser power and adjusting the power supply or the temperature is too high, easy to burn out the power supply;
② laser power belongs to f High frequency switching power supply, its external environment electromagnetic pollution or less, and thus the electromagnetic compatibility of equipment, such as a variant device, computer, etc. have a certain impact, the proposed shield, power isolation methods such interference;
③ generally use krypton lamp-pumped lasers, high voltage needed to trigger instantaneous krypton lamps, so is strictly prohibited before the krypton lamp ignition start other components, to prevent high-pressure stream of people, krypton lamps are easy to wear and tear, when discovered aging, need to replace new lamp ;
④ laser scribing machine work environment requires clean indoor dust, relative humidity less than 80% and the temperature 5~ 2 ℃ Also, to keep the water clean and circulating inside the machine, periodically clean the water tank and replace the deionized water or pure water.

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