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Solar Cells In Use Should Pay Attention To The Problem

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-26 18:13:57
The use of solar power battery, because there are two words of the lifePo4 batteries, it is often easy to think that perhaps with manganese Dian Di and other chemical lifePo4 battery usage is almost, in fact, solar cells is a semiconductor component, the use should pay attention to by semiconductor special Pan to treat, Installed in the outdoor solar cell, due to the harsh natural environment, not only to withstand the sun: especially ultraviolet, temperature, humidity, wind and rain, snow and other weather conditions, but also to withstand dust, ozone, sea salt, oil Atmosphere and the installation of mechanical stress generated when the test of these must be noted.

The test of certain environmental conditions can be tested with a variety of reliability tests, the use should pay special attention to the following five points:
  • Operating point
  • The output power varies with the intensity of human radiation;
  • Output change due to temperature;
  • To prevent the solar cell due to reverse bias and other reported bad;
  • The short circuit, open circuit state of the solar cell.
Working point

The relationship between the current and voltage of solar cells by the light, the maximum output power of solar cells when the most short-tailed bird's point of the working point, the voltage and current are called the best working voltage, the best working current. The best working point of illumination is only one point, and the actual working point of the solar cells due to illumination or load status and constantly changing, generally very little overlap with the best working point of the actual working point of the voltage and current are called the working voltage of the sun The actual working voltage of the lifePo4 batteries working current, the actual working current of the solar cells and their operating voltage, the best working current is different.
The fundamental problem with this is that the solar cell is designed so that the normal operating point of the solar cell is as close to the optimum operating point as possible, but that the illuminance change in consideration of poor use is "the actual work point is always designed As shown in Figure 6-4 of the white dot, than the maximum working hours when the illumination is small.Min sung with the solar battery voltage, operating current, said a certain illumination, respectively, when the low operating voltage, current.

The change of power with the incident light intensity.

Table 6-3 shows the characteristics of various solar cells under large sunlight and fluorescent lamps. In the sense of the human eye, under outdoor sunlight and indoors, the solar cell is exposed to sunlight, Fluorescent light, the brightness does not feel very different, but its absolute value of energy is a difference of hundreds of times.In addition, as described in Chapter IV, due to a variety of large solar cell spectral sensitivity is different from the output of the solar pool with the use of For example, the spectral sensitivity of an amorphous silicon solar cell is the same as that of a fluorescent lamp, so that it exhibits excellent characteristics under a fluorescent lamp.

It is also important to note that a solar battery for power generation can not obtain a stable electric power in the absence of a lifePo4 battery pack by changing the light intensity due to the season and weather, such as clouds and rain.

Output change due to temperature change.

The output of a solar cell, like other semiconductor elements, is greatly influenced by temperature, and it is known that as the temperature rises, V becomes smaller and I becomes larger, and the output tends to decrease, and as compared with its light intensity, Change is small, it is worth noting that the outdoor use of solar cells due to the role of sunlight, the solar cell temperature may be higher.
To prevent the solar cell damage due to reverse bias.

The solar cell is sometimes damaged by an overload current caused by an overcurrent bias, which is particularly important when using in series, where four solar cells are connected in series, and when one of the solar cells is blocked by the incident light, the cell is not photogenerated Current, which is not a current source in the equivalent circuit, but only a diode element; the sum of the output voltages from the other solar-powered head at this time is reverse biased against the two poles, A value due to avalanche effect after being damaged; this phenomenon is called imitation shadow effect.

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