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Solar Cells In Series And Parallel

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 16:30:51
Since the output of a single solar cell twist, current, and electric power are very small, so in practical applications, which require multiple solar cells in series and parallel to form a solar panel or even solar phalanx. As for the specific connection and by the size of the actual needs identified, but when Shota m or square solar panels connected to the grid, often because they do not match the individual units are connected together, resulting in electricity and heat generated by the imbalance, thereby there are some important issues. Therefore, a system needs to be included in the peak Gao network protection device, so that the risk of eye grams of electrical and thermal imbalances may arise when implementing peak power (on the order of several kW up to several MW) .It also needs the number of protection devices and their specific position in the network is optimized in order to reduce energy loss for the entire cost of the system and panels when combined, will inevitably lead to the square.

By combining tandem solar cell and parallel, can be extended to solar panels combined into large square methods need to be considered are the following two situations, namely over the lifePo4 battery pack and the battery is not exactly the same situation. Because each electrical properties of solar cells are distributed around a mean value vary due to the manufacturing process of the solar cell can not have complete repeatability and abnormal conditions caused by a solar cell using the process, thus inevitably in addition, it can also cause imbalance in the electrical properties of the solar cell by partial shade or shade at all.

Solar Cells in Series

Consider first the case of two solar cells in series and a variable resistor R connected load, In this case, pass the ball two battery current the voltage is the same as the total lifePo4 battery U1 and U2 divided battery voltage U1 and U2 sum of its JU J characteristic curve can be directly from a U-curve characteristics of each individual cell to get (the same current to voltage addition).

Full series with the solar cell: In the ideal case, when two identical (ie have the same electrical properties and hold curve) when the solar cells in series, the open circuit voltage is equal to his every single electrical open circuit voltage twice : under a short circuit (i.e., only the load R = 0), the total short-circuit current of each single cell via the same short-circuit current: the voltage at both ends of each of the solar cells are 0. in this case, the solar cell as a solar power generator, which output power is positive
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Tandem solar cell is different: by the solar cell panel consisting of five as long as a battery is subject to shade, it will cause the entire power output of the panel has been reduced because the input battery power has been reduced, and in the battery section unirradiated also lead to increased internal loss. in the case of the series, due to partial shade by the lifePo4 battery, the battery will cause the entire board of the short circuit current is also decreased.

JU different from the characteristics of the two series-connected solar cell curve case in which curves 1 and 2 represent a high efficiency and low efficiency of a lifePo4 battery is too m. At this time by two solar cell current is the same, while the total he was two solar voltage divided voltage and if the load impedance is smaller than the foot becomes a solar cell that is 2 and the receiver has a reverse voltage, so running two different properties of solar cells connected in series.

When there are more lifePo4 batteries or solar panels connected together in series, and the efficiency of one of the cell efficiency is lower than all other time, you can use the same discussion on the way - under the entire system may be close to a short voltage specific conditions ashamed to use in his or less efficient electric battery plates, and the formation of hot spots and cause it to heat hot unbalanced, as if holding its electrical properties will also be affected by the same.
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