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Solar Cell Specification For Electric Power

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-26 17:10:27
The illuminance characteristic is an output characteristic indicative of an illuminance in a different output characteristic table. It is to be noted that the illuminance characteristic varies depending on the illuminance range used. It is necessary to select the appropriate size and shape of the load machine to be installed in consideration of the load of the lifePo4 batteries, etc. In addition, when used in a general electronic product, the reliability is different from that in a room, and is treated as a general electronic component But also to meet the general requirements of electronic components.

View of the solar cell specification for electric power.

When the user gets the electricity, the solar battery is also paid by the manual. It is the component form described in the fifth draft. Besides the several items for electronic products, there are the following items.
  • The type of light source;
  • The size and weight of the component;
  • Temperature characteristics;
  • Reliability data.
As for the light source, it is used outdoors and the sunlight is outdoors. Usually, the spectrum is AM-1.5.

The size and weight of the components must be listed, since they must be installed according to the size and width of the components.
Temperature characteristics of the output characteristics of solar cells with temperature changes, because when you use the temperature is with the environment, the intensity of the light source changes.As mentioned above, the output characteristics of the temperature changes, generally with the temperature rise, the output , And the total output of the module should be paid special attention. The overflow coefficient of the amorphous silicon solar cell is described in Section 4.4. Compared with the single crystal silicon solar energy data, as shown in Table 6-2, The comparison of solar cells of electronic products, the use of conditions can be imagined to be much more harsh, so should pay attention to reliability data.

Solar cells for power, and commercial power generation and thermal power generation and other solar power generation equipment is different, can not let it at random solar power generator, because its power and human light intensity is almost proportional to the light once interrupted, solar power generation will immediately stop, but the use of Solar cells for power in two ways, one is only when the light was shot, the machine was started, and the other is not the incident light when the machine can start, only that the basic considerations.
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