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Solar Cell Parameters Sharacteristic Curve Analysis

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 16:15:31
Solar cells 17 hold curve, and thus the electrical properties of the entire PV installations were controlled parameters can be divided into internal parameters and external parameters of two categories in which the internal parameters with series electric set foot shunt resistor I and saturated current density three heart; while there are external parameters of irradiance watt, lifePo4 battery temperature and load conditions is three under normal irradiance level (no focusing arrows status), the above parameters, in addition to the saturation current and the lifePo4 batteries temperature of the outer , can be regarded as an independent parameter. are described below.

The internal reference set

Series resistance: mainly determined by the gate contact and the surface layer is too K batteries, series resistance will/U characteristic curve of a slope in the solar cell as a constant-voltage power supply operating range is reduced.
A N + -P junction solar cell series resistance consists of the following five parts
  • P-type silicon resistor with ohmic back contact
  • resistance in the P-type substrate material;.
  • Sheet resistance N + type surface layer
  • the contact resistance between the gate and the ohmic top apos 3NT-type silicon;
  • along the metal fingers along the gate resistor counseling and collector resistance piece goods.
After the different contributions of the six resistors specific analysis, we can see one of the most important is R1 and R3.
large scale solar power
The maximum output power and irradiance is proportional to the photovoltaic cell

Peak power of a point on the almost the same vertical line, which means all of the irradiance, the open circuit voltage is almost constant. Shows the effect of irradiance on short circuit current and the open circuit voltage at a constant temperature Happening.

Effect of Effect of temperature on the efficiency of solar cells in the solar cell, the characteristic curve is very significant, especially on the battery voltage is very sensitive, so it is easy to change the energy balance of the entire solar cell. As shown, this energy balance and a species bladder having elasticity is quite similar,the deposition and the heat of absorption, the formation and absorption of electric power generation and the like capable irradiance level automatic adjustment closed loop (temperature - power consumption - temperature). because otherwise will result in overheating of the battery is damaged.

In determining the size of the solar cell, the need to fully consider the impact of the above-mentioned solar cell characteristics of the factors curve load conditions: In the case of having a resistive load, the operating point of the solar effect, such as a battery the electrochemical energy storage device is a constant voltage load, having given indenter (for example, a positive displacement pump with flywheel) is of a constant current load. above depicts two characteristic curves superimposed on the case together.We look forward to the near future, it can be seen everywhere people use portable solar power generator, will make life more beautiful.

The importance of proper fit this solar power generation device and the resistance between the load formed by Figure 3-5-9 in the case of the maximum power curve of a right evaluation - when directly connected to the photovoltaic device, a centrifugal system and DC Wing a load of a motor, a combination of a magnetic system, its operating curve at different irradiance levels are relatively close to the maximum power curve of the photovoltaic device from resistance and a positive displacement pump operating point is different, a DC motor and centrifugal operation in PV installations and pump support adaptation was better. LifePo4 Battery and PV installations can adapt very well, just the terminal voltage is designed to work at maximum power range of photovoltaic devices can be in a conventional photovoltaic power generation system (for example, a lighting device), the cell matrix, lifePo4 batteries and resistive load three components are connected in parallel, which are based on the voltage Kirchhoff's current law, the central mountains and eighth respectively PV current power generation device, the battery current and load current through the resistor.

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