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Solar Cars And Yachts

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-08 10:16:02
Arrival of the new century, all countries in the world automotive industry in the development of advanced energy-saving, environment-friendly electric vehicles. Solar electric vehicle due to technological advances, especially in the lifePo4 batteries and control technology to improve, in some developed countries have developed rapidly. Where green energy is the growing popularity of electric bikes, its industrial alarming rate. According to statistics, Japan 2003 electric bike sales will reach 30 million units, the company plans annual sales of US Nika 1 million electric bicycles, electric bicycles in Southeast Asia is also very fast.

Solar electric mini-cars by the photovoltaic device is a direct drive power or batteries to store electricity again driven three-wheeled and four-wheel electric vehicles, suitable for use as urban or rural transportation means of transport 3 people or a small group of M freight tools, or Park Plaza tourism tool place. The main object for the user middle-income urban and rural residents, individual traders, small quantities of goods passenger transport operators and tourism sector. Its main advantage is that it is relatively labor-saving bicycle, comfort, safety, especially for family excursions; relatively speaking motorcycle environmental protection, energy saving.

Solar Challenge

Solar Challenge held in developed countries often forgive. More famous AmericanSolarChal Lenge (ASC) competitions. Held early in 1987, the first solar car across the Australian Grand Prix "WorldSolarChallenge" in, Sunracer from General Motors (GM) on the average speed 71.km/h finish 950km. In the past two years, China also has to see this match coverage. Racing players around the world driving a designer well-designed solar car ride, of course, the winner can get high bonuses, but more important is the designer's creativity, imagination can be fully demonstrated in the solar car, solar power generator application of technology generation has been mention Gao in the game and design gurus thinking collision, and this aroused public concern solar clean energy consciousness. Solar options, how to better combine solar cells and body so that the lifePo4 battery can receive more solar energy, lifePo4 battery selection, car shape, size, total children, are exposed to the resistance of many design elements inmates will decide the game outcome.
Electric Car
A typical solar car solar cell module about the size of 800 Between 1500W, cost 12,000? 18,000 dollars from top to bottom. Between the solar power generation device and an energy storage device has lifePo4 battery power tracking system, so that solar power has always been the appropriate voltage, its power generation capacity has been optimized. For example, if a portion of the solar cell is blocked shadows, power tracking system will automatically adjust the voltage of the solar cell, so that it matches the system voltage. Lead acid, lithium ion, nickel-cadmium batteries are commonly used in the solar car battery. The choice depends on the number of battery voltage and the engine needs to be stored can M. Although it can increase the number of batteries to store more energy, but also increases the weight of the solar car. Engine lifePo4 battery use stored electrical energy to drive the wheels.

A country participating in the solar racing team Esteban total length of 5.97m, total width 1950mm, the top height 0.97m, total mass of 300kg. Solar cell area of 8m2, photoelectric conversion efficiency was 16.2%, the choices are 600 BP company monocrystalline silicon cells, the total power of 1250W, the battery capacity is 5000WH. This design solar car a top speed can reach 125km/h.

Solar Boat

In Hamburg, Germany, a river pier, there is a supposedly world's largest solar boat, ship length 27m, weight 42t yacht without polluting the environment, there are two 8kW horsepower engine. Yacht, this horsepower is not large, this is because the Hamburg inland yacht per hour speed limit is 8km, and the yacht's weight M lower than the average yacht, solar power portable generator which fully meets the requirements. In the sunny days, it can carry 100 tourists, work 16h, if there is excess electricity can also be grid. If cloudy, you need to charge the dock at night.

The yacht is a successful example of scientific and technological achievements conversion. Its basic technology was developed by the University of Stuttgart, Germany, the study found, initially applied in Germany and Switzerland border Borden Lake, at present, such as Egypt, the United States and so expressed desire to buy.

Australia solar yacht

Solar Yacht Sydney Harbour, Australia. Started after July 2000, during the Sydney Olympics, and numerous domestic and foreign tourists landed on this yacht tour, feel the great power of new energy sources. The yacht is designed hybrid energy systems, using solar, wind, batteries, liquid natural gas four kinds of energy, but solar-based, four kinds of energy may be used alone or can be combined, solar power generation thus increasing the boat in all kinds of weather stability under running condition. To make the design more flexible, the designer designed a new solar cell module, unlike traditional commercial solar cell module with glass package, because it will not only inflexible, but also greatly increases the weight of the hull. No glass components can be flexibly use, lightweight and efficient.

A key part of Sun sail yacht in order to obtain direct and indirect sunlight, and can serve as sails. It is controlled by a computer, in both axes can be rotated to change the angle of the solar cell to increase the energy available (than in the case of fixed angle can be increased to 40% of energy).
On board, the energy obtained by the 18kWp battery components are stored in lead-acid batteries. All batteries through the computer monitor to optimize its storage capacity, memory, law and life. Compared to a diesel engine, a high efficiency of the motor is more, they are smaller and lighter, solar power station and produces less vibration and noise. You know, the best of the internal combustion engine can only convert 30%? 40% of the energy, most other energy lost as heat. General motors convert 60%-85% of the energy director, and advanced motor yacht Sydney solar energy conversion 90%? 95% of the energy director. Solar power portable generator is a brushless motor design, its weight children just 1/4 of the traditional motor. When the energy exceeds the energy needs yacht solar cell modules and batteries can provide the time, LPG (liquid natural gas generator) can provide backup power to recharge the battery. LPG harmful gases than diesel and gasoline generator less, there is no pollution and water quality.

18kWp efficient solar cells to ensure the normal operation of the ship during the day. Use of solar energy, you can load 100, the maximum sailing speed 9 Llkm/ h. If you use a backup generator LPG can make mention Gao speed to 18? 21km / h. Can children lifePo4 battery pack storage can make the boat to 9km/h speed sail for 6h, 4h solar cells within the lifePo4 batteries can be fully charged. Children can design hybrid systems can be reduced by 80% of the fuel costs. Carbon dioxide emissions yacht child depends on the way it works. Forecast annual carbon dioxide emissions of about 425t.

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