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Solar Car Far Away From Us ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:38:26
How Solar Car Work?

Solar vehicle is solar energy into electricity to drive the car.The whole car like a big portable solar power generator. GaAs thin film solar battery technology conversion rate of 31.6%, this is the world's highest level, which also made a solar car provided technical backing. Gallium arsenide thin film solar cell technology will continue to improve the conversion rate. According to reports, in good sunlight conditions where annual solar energy can reach tens of thousands of kilometers; and in poor sunlight conditions where the amount of sun throughout the year to be driven about 20,000 kilometers.

Sun a Few Hours Is Enough?

Solar car appeared to be mainly rely on natural sunlight to provide energy, if a sunny day, don't worry about lack of energy. In SolarA computing models, vehicle weight of 1.2 tons and a maximum of 7.5 m2 body surface area stretched after laying; sunny day in the light for 5-6 hours, can generate approximately 8-10 degrees.
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No Sunshine How To Work?

When solar power is insufficient, you can still take advantage of charging pile charged. In addition, under conditions of sunshine, the solar car will side with while charging by storage lifepo4 48V pack, continue to add capacity, increase mileage, maximum mileage up to 350 kilometers, an increase of 10% -15% higher than conventional electric vehicles.

Intelligent management system relies on large data analysis and calculation - "Solar radiation cloud computing" to provide information. In such a "cloud computing", supported by mobile phones and dashboard will inform the user how many days in charge, in addition to the vehicle can be obtained in the course of its own energy through solar energy generator, so if there is no rain for a long time, in theory, can not enable legacy electric vehicle charging.

You Can Buy in Three Years?

Electric cars many years ago as a "future technology", to be honest, it can not be considered to achieve the degree of popularity. Easy of use, safety of the vehicle, are the focus of consumer concerns. At more realistic plug-in hybrid car was started, solar car looks more distant, more like the next achievable "sci-fi future" because of the cost of solar cars from the perspective of consumers and positioning considerations, the first solar car price is not low.

In addition, with the increasingly widespread application of solar powered portable generator storage technology, not just the car, from the satellite has been applied to the spacecraft altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as common clothing, backpacks, electronics, and mobile devices such as the need for local power as long as there is sun shadow Hina, the mass production and use of such thin-film solar chip assembly will also have to reduce costs.

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