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Solar Battery Chargers For Campers Without Power Outages

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:47:20
With the enhancement of people's quality of life, many of my friends will go to travel on holiday to rest, relax, if conditions allow, some people prefer camping, put up a small tent, lit bonfires, what a scene worthy of longing. Well, today it is the protagonist of a good helper ------ camping, camping lights, solar powered portable generator, which is in addition to outside mobile power, or camping lamps, or charger, he in the end is what a magical product it? Let me look at it with everyone.
portable solar power generator
Solar lifePo4 battery chargers for campers package is very simple, clamshell carton packaging, used as seal product introduction, the tray seal, open the package, the first thing you see is a mobile power supply. Since the solar charging panels on top, opened, charge indicator starts flashing, even if it is protected in a plastic bag. Moments that make me feel good magic, after all, is the first contact with these products use lifepo4 batteries for storage battery.

Portable solar power generator is below specification, charging cable and hook circle. The entire mobile power right size, they may be held with one hand, because the ring is surrounded by silicone protection, making it feel good, positive charging plate, which is the top left of the power button, right and left are two USB interface, while charge two devices, which, next to the right side of the USB interface or micro USB charging port.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
A large capacity portable solar power generator for camping. Although portable mobile power generally do not have, but its advantage is very clear, that is, with 120,600 mA large battery power. Such a large amount of power can charge the phone 40 times, 15 times for the laptop charging, 15V power supply for the bulb of more than 100 hours, and even a small refrigerator which can provide seven hours of electricity.

In addition, portable solar power generator is equipped with a 12V car power outlet, a 110V AC power socket, four USB charging interface to meet most of the demand for digital products. As for his own charge, you can choose between two ways, one is using an ordinary socket for charging, the other is the use of solar charging panels for charging.
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