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Soft Solar Power Batteries Are Environmentally Friendly

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-09 13:51:16
We may think of is hard and hard board in the sun to work. And through the replacement of new materials and innovative technology, solar panels can also change the appearance of greenhouses for vegetables can be turned when the solar energy is. The development of the graphene-based solar power batteries, low cost but also environmentally friendly, can drive the development of photovoltaic industry.

To the solar power battery for soft materials

Our technology features two main areas, the development of graphene-based materials, solar power batteries. The newly developed solar power battery has a soft characteristic, and the cost is lower than the original crystalline silicon material. Can be made of soft material, and more environmentally friendly. He said that the mainstream of solar cells on the market to the use of crystalline silicon-based, photoelectric conversion efficiency is higher, but its cost of electricity is much higher than the cost of coal, as the constraints of the full use of renewable energy the biggest obstacle. Graphene can be prepared by a variety of flexible devices and functional composites, in the energy, environment, materials, electronic information and photovoltaic components 250w medical and other fields have broad application prospects, the development of graphene solar cells is a trend, This is also the latest solar power battery production materials.
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Change the appearance of traditional solar power batteries

Through the capture of graphene material preparation of solar cell technology problems, allows the appearance of traditional solar cells and other changes. The traditional solar street lights, bulbs have a solar panel. Use of new materials, solar panels can be bent through the process of improvement made directly into the bulb of the shield, but also can be designed into a variety of styles, an increase of aesthetics. Professor Dong said that in the PV agriculture can also show their talents, the establishment of greenhouse greenhouses can give vegetables, flowers, nursery stock, livestock and other breeding places to provide heat and electricity, while the use of solar energy for power generation, with our new materials can be done Into a soft solar panels for solar power generator, you can shop in the greenhouse, more than a layer of Speaking of graphene materials made of solar photovoltaic modules with wide operating voltage of the pan Use, Professor Dong Imagine the future development.
solar power generator
Rechargeable solar power batteries for solar power generator use sunlight to produce electrons, but it is very different from ordinary solar panels. The solar panels are made of a titanium mesh coated with titanium dioxide, which allows the air to circulate inside the battery, which is important for the entire charging process. Ordinary solar cells have four electrodes, and rechargeable solar cells only three electrodes: titanium mesh, a layer of porous carbon thin layer and lithium tablets, three electrodes also contains the electrolyte layer. Organic thin film solar cells can be more than 11% energy conversion efficiency, it is expected to become a new solar power generator of solar power batteries. In such solar cells, the sun into the light energy generated by the exciton, the molecular surface of the charge generated to the mobile collector and other complex processes into electrical energy. But this is not quantitative separation of these unit process. The R & D team achieved a quantitative assessment of the efficiency of the ranking of electro-photovoltage module manufacturers by ordering ultra-high-speed spectroscopy and electrochemical doping methods.

Development of solar cells based on graphene materials. Development of low-cost, environmentally friendly, resource-rich next-solar powered portable generator solar power batteries is the core issue of the current development of photovoltaic industry. New technologies have broad market prospects, can bring the application of solar cell innovation.

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