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Small Scale Power Generation System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-27 16:14:02
Japan has long been in the microwave relay station and the lighthouse and other aspects of the sun using the first portable solar power generator system.The first practical solar battery is built in 1958 in Fukushima City Nobukatsu relay station, the output power of 70W, One after another in the buoy friends, unmanned weather stations, lighthouses and radio relay stations and other aspects of widely used.

System for relay broadcasting The general situation of the recently installed solar battery system of the Japan Broadcasting Institute is called "the largest relay station for broadcast broadcasting" (Wakayama system), which is a fixed medium The relay capacity is 18V, 800mA for the design of solar cells from eight parallel components of a ring structure, and then by the array in series 3. An array of output power of 96W , The size of 900 X 1800mm, the installation space of the solar cells is about 2800 X 1800mm, installed on the roof of the relay station, facing the south, the elevation angle is fixed at 34 °latitude.In addition, the installation of the platform in the summer, winter use , Respectively, to adjust the angle of 11.75 °, the battery capacity of the sunshine data based on the most; find the average monthly charge, and then from the continuous lack of sufficient period of insufficient capacity to calculate the total capacity of the battery compliance, 83Ah, can be two groups of low-discharge type battery (capacity 500Ah) in parallel.

Solar power generation system for lighthouse components, requiring the surrounding environment with wind and rain, salt damage and other characteristics, solar panels are used double-sided tempered glass, embedded in silicone resin, stainless steel frame fixed seal Outdoor lighting system: widely used outdoor lighting has recently begun to practical, in parks and other places, because no poles or power lines, to maintain the park's beautiful and distinctive, installed in the installation of a wide range of outdoor lighting, The use parameters of the sun lamp in the mountain sports complex park, and the configuration of the lamp system. Fluorescent lights are equipped with converters on the side, so you can directly use DC power supply.
solar power portable generator
In Japan, according to the NEDO plan, the residential power supply is designed to be the standard of the 3KW system, while in the United States, residential buildings (1.5-6KW) connected to the commercial power supply are being sold in the solar power generation system. Electricity exchanges between photovoltaic systems and commercial power sources are often checked; power companies buy electricity from solar cells for commercial power, but in Japan, the exchange of power with commercial power systems is currently approved in Japan, which is Ordinary household monthly consumption of about 200KW of electricity, the power such as solar cells to supply, how much area of solar cells to be?

In Japan, because the average daylight time is about 3.84 hours, so the daily energy of the sun is equivalent to 3.84WH/M2. This solar energy conversion efficiency of 10% of the sun The battery for photoelectric conversion, stored in the battery, can be used as the necessary power. Set the battery charge and discharge efficiency of 70%, the area per square meter per day may be used to throw the power: 0.27kwh/cm2, according to the above In Japan, Osaka and other cities, the amount of sunshine is about 300, in these cities, the installation area of a little larger solar cells on it. In short, it is in the general residential roof , It is possible to widely used in the future, assuming that the cost of solar cells can be reduced to 100 yen, you have to get 1KW of solar power, cost about 300,000 yen. Other control systems of about 30 million yen, so that a total investment of about 600,000 yen, residential residential solar power portable generator system can be established, which is widely popular in the private sector is possible.

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