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Small Or Big Screen Inverter Is Btter ?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:36:59
The soalr powered portable generator need  bigger scrreen ? When the phone is in the hands of people appeared completely changed the mobile phone can not embarrassing situation, when the phone simply defined as a communication tool, there is no intelligence at all. Passage of time, the memory of that time is estimated to stay only in the phone's screen size and color - small screen, a blue screen. Ten years later, the phone constantly upgrading, turned out that the small screen, blue screen, gradually replaced by smart, big screen is. In the end is a good big screen or small screen good? In the end is good or blue color good? This mobile phone digital products have a very clear answer, high big screen, high-resolution, pixel density is good!

Good Small Screen

Now tend intelligent inverter can be switched on wifi, view real-time data on their own power through the end of the phone app, very convenient. Based on cost considerations, the inverter relatively cheap price small screen 100-200 yuan, 100-200 yuan for some poor households is enough for half a month's living expenses. In addition, the small screen is not easily damaged.
portable solar power generator
Big Screen

Some distributed solar power generator projects, the remoteness of the project site is no network coverage, you can not connect Wifi, intelligent monitoring will not play a role, the user how to build a photovoltaic power plant generating capacity, and daily outlook it? Only through the inverter View screens and smart meters to check. The large screen above the inverter can visually see clearly the daily power generation and total generating capacity, and can also do some intelligent operation.

Its maiden voyage of new secondary energy positive sales director, said the maiden voyage of new energy R & D in the inverter design process more inclined to large screen design, the current 1-40kW PV inverters are in a 4-inch large screen display, the screen above integrated communication state, phase voltage, current, frequency, input voltage, generating capacity, generating capacity and other information, the user can visually observe the plant information you want to know.Many campers use solar power portable generator for camping or travel.
Portable Solar Power Generator System
From the experience point of view, the degree of users is relatively high for the big screen, as said above, large-screen smart phones become the leading market trend. Inverter big screen the same way that some of the intelligence operations integrated in the screen above, the user-friendly operation and viewing.

Of course, the size of the screen preferences vary, manufacturers in the development of the factors considered in the design process is different for portable solar power generator. No real sense of the above good or bad, only the fit and is not suitable for, is to find the best of their own.

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