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Small Household Solar Power Generator Inverter

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-30 10:47:31
20W square wave inverter: This is a monolithic inverter, the circuit is simple, easy to use, stable and reliable. This solar power generator use 12V battery power supply, output 220V 50Hz square wave AC. SG3525 is a symmetrical double-ended square wave inverter chip output, coupled with the appropriate external circuit, you can output 50Hz stable square wave, can drive field effect power tube, with step-up transformer to do push-pull output, which in the The secondary of the transformer is 220V square-wave AC voltage. Correct. ⑨ feet DC potential to adjust the output voltage. 3A self-recovery insurance in the output short circuit (or overload) to block the DC power supply circuit, forcing the circuit to stop vibration, short-circuit after the resumption of self-recovery work. Change the 3525 ⑤ foot ground capacitance, ⑦ foot series resistance adjustable output frequency.

300W square wave inverter, which is a reverse control one machine. The DC output is 12V 10A, AC output is 220V 300W 50Hz square wave.

① The DC control part of the constant current circuit of the lifepo4 battery charging, overcharge, overcharge recovery point, over discharge, over discharge control points for precise control, the indicators meet the relevant national standard requirements. The circuit works as follows.

② DC/AC inverter part of the typical three-chip circuit, that is used LM324 four op amp as input control, CD4011 four-phase for the level of conversion, KA3525 for oscillation output. Through the loop composed of three ICs, with the step-up feedback circuit of the transformer, the inverter output voltage regulation, FM, status indication, overload and over-voltage protection and a series of control. An overview of how this works is as follows.
solar power portable generator
When the output voltage is too high, the output transformer 46V secondary coil with the rise, the RB153 rectifier filter sent to. U3 pin, so that pin potential is greater than the foot. Make. U3D output low - U4 pin potential reduction - pin output reduced - the output voltage decreases, thus maintaining the output voltage is stable, when the output voltage is reduced for some reason, the contrary can also make the Board.

When the load is 80% of the rated value, the waveform should be a step wave, T = 200ms, V = 400V, the load is lighter, the closer to the square wave for solar power generator (RMS increase) Load Change the R16 or C5 to adjust the output frequency; change and R21 to adjust the over-voltage protection point; the output voltage can be adjusted by changing the output voltage; if the output voltage is less than the rated value, Change R11 or R17 to adjust the undervoltage protection point; change R26 or R15 to adjust the output protection point.

End, the exchange of work lights off. When the lifepo4 batteries voltage rises to the over-discharge recovery point, the working process and the contrary, the inverter back to normal output. Since the SCR can be maintained after conduction (pinch off voltage is very low), so after the overload release can not automatically start , Must be turned off and then re-open. Load short-circuit is the limit of overload, this time the field tube current surge, S-point potential sharp rise, with the overload protection principle. The DC, AC output and its control system are completely separate and do not interfere with each other, so the two systems can be used simultaneously or separately.
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