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Six Ways for Solar Energy Storage Battery Freeze in Winter

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 09:57:52
In winter, the solar power batteries should take the following conservation measures:

Greenhouse overhead storage batteries when not in the house to save more than 0 ℃, should not be placed directly on the ground. Before storing the first external battery clean, add enough liquid electrolyte, adequate electricity, tighten the plug. After a supplementary charge every month, once every two weeks to check the electrolyte level, and refresh immediately insufficient. Thus, the battery can ensure safe winter.

Progress liquid volume ratio of water and sulfuric acid electrolyte composition, the higher the content of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte, the electrolyte specific gravity higher, the lower the freezing temperature of the electrolyte. To this end, the country may be to select the appropriate proportion of the electrolyte according to the local winter minimum temperature, to prevent the electrolyte from freezing.

Enough electricity to keep the state during the winter, when the battery discharge 50%, the risk of electrolyte freezing there. For this reason, the battery discharge level winter does not allow more than 50%. In winter, we should always check the LEP battery save electricity, the shortage should be promptly added.

Progress temperature electrolysis temperature of the electrolyte significant impact on the capacity of the battery, the ambient temperature decrease 1 ℃, the capacity reduction of about 1% - 2%. To this end, the temperature of the electrolyte to progress, should be the locomotive parked indoors, or move into the battery room above 0 ℃.
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Water was added to distilled water mixing battery should be uniformly mixed with the electrolyte. If no time mixing well, floating on top of the electrolyte distilled water freezes. To do this winter to add distilled water to the battery, immediately to its charge, while charging or distilled water, electrolyte can quickly mix and distilled water will not freeze up. The battery usually be used in solar powered portable generator.

Check regularly start the start the system should be checked regularly maintained. Adjustable voltage regulator, the charging voltage is increased to 0.60V. Every time you start not exceed 3 - 5 seconds, the time you start none, should stop 1 minute before start. Long consecutive starts, it will damage the starter motor and battery. 
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