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Five Advantages Of BIPV

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:57:35
Able to Meet The Requirements of Architectural Aesthetics

The first is a BIPV building construction,  lifepo4 batteries the architect's work of art, it's success key point is that appearance of the building. In BIPV buildings, we can design the associated junction box, bypass diodes, cable and other hidden in the wall structure. This will not only protected against direct sunlight and rain erosion, it will not affect the appearance of the building, to achieve the perfect combination of the building to achieve architectural masters ideas.

Able to Meet The Lighting Requirements of Buildings

Is The Soul of the building is light, its light and shadow demanding. BIPV glass-sided building is the use of ultra-glossy white glass components, it is possible by adjusting the arrangement of cells or perforated silicon cells to achieve specific transmittance, even in the tourist office building can meet the light pass through requirements. Of course, the greater the transmittance of PV modules, solar cell arrangement, the more dilute its power generation will be smaller.
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Able to Meet The Safety Performance Requirements of The Building

BIPV modules not only meet the performance requirements of PV modules, while meeting the requirements of three experiments curtain wall and building safety requirements, therefore need to have higher than normal component of the mechanical properties and structure by using different ways.In different locations,floor heights,installation methods, it's glass mechanical performance requirements, it could be completely different.

Double glass photovoltaic module BIPV building used by two tempered glass with a PVB intermediate film solar cells composed of complex composite layers between the cells by wiring in series or parallel collection overall lead member ends. The thickness of the glass is in accordance with national building codes and norms walls, rigorous mechanical results calculated. The assembly of the intermediate PVB film has good adhesion portable solar power generator, toughness and elasticity, having a shock absorbing effect to prevent penetration impact object, even if the glass broken, fragments will be firmly adhered to the PVB film, scattered will not fall off hurt, so that the resulting damage may be reduced to a minimum, improve the safety performance of buildings.

The Advantages of Long Life

Common PV modules generally plastic encapsulation EVA. Since the anti-aging properties of EVA is not strong, life is less than 50 years, not with the building with life and EVA yellowing will affect the generation of beautiful architecture and systems. The PVB film has a transparent, heat, cold, humidity, high mechanical strength properties, used in construction and has matured. Domestic glass curtain wall specification also clear that "applications PVB" provisions. BIPV photovoltaic modules using PVB instead of EVA can achieve a longer life. Currently, foreign companies Schott and Schuco domestic Guangdong Golden Glass Technologies Limited has mastered mature PVB encapsulation technology photovoltaic modules.
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In the BIPV system, the selection of special photovoltaic wires (XLPE double dip tin copper wire), use larger wire diameter, and an excellent selection of performance connectors and other equipment, can extend the life of BIPV PV systems.

With Green Effect

BIPV Building PV system can provide enough area, no other occupied land, but also eliminates the need for support structures photovoltaic systems; solar silicon cells are solid-state semiconductor devices, power generation without moving parts solar powered portable generator, no noise, the environment will not cause pollution; BIPV building can be self-occupied, reducing the process of power transmission and energy costs, lower investment and maintenance costs of the transmission and distributor. And exactly when the peak of the strong sunshine, BIPV system can be guaranteed in addition to building their own power, but under certain conditions may also be fed to the grid, to relieve the peak electricity demand, has great social benefits; but also to prevent the Usually fossil fuels brings with serious air pollution, which is extremely important for higher environmental requirements of today and the future.
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