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Single-stage Inverter And Internal High-frequency Loop Inverter

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-30 15:37:46
The so-called single-stage inverter,refers only to the secondary DC power inverter inverter AC power,Such inverters include well-known square wave inverters and PWM modulation type inverters and the like,Many big solar power generator system use single-stage inverter. Its features are: used to achieve electrical isolation,transformer and voltage regulator,the operating frequency is equal to the output frequency,The disadvantage is the size of the weight,noise is also large,It generally works in the frequency,Single-stage inverter circuit structure,which consists of industrial frequency inverter,power frequency transformers,and input or output filter form,The so-called high-frequency loop inverter,it refers to the inverter to be twice the DC power inverter AC power conversion.The first is a high-frequency square wave inverter,the purpose is to improve the operating frequency of the transformer,in order to reduce the volume of the transformer weight,High-frequency square wave AC power,through the high-frequency transformer transformer,rectifier and collision wave to get another DC voltage,the DC voltage and then through the industrial frequency PWM inverter,inverter load into the work required Frequency (or intermediate frequency) power.In the high-frequency loop inverter circuit structure,the figure in the dashed box high-frequency inverter,high-frequency transformer HFACT.High-frequency rectifier and filter components within the high-frequency ring.

Single stage inverters

Single-stage inverters include square-wave inverters,multi-stack inverters and PWM inverters.Side spilled against the main device.This inverter output voltage is square wave,is the earliest development of an inverter,the main circuit of the main push-pull,half-bridge and full-bridge three,This inverter is characterized by simple circuit,single-stage power conversion DC-LFAC,the power can be two-way flow,high efficiency,mature technology,widely used; drawback is the volume and weight,the output voltage spectral wave distortion (up to 48 %),The mains voltage and load changes in the response characteristics of poor noise.

Overlap plus inverse clamor

In order to improve the square wave inverter output voltage waveform,this inverter can be a number of square-wave inverter phase shift multiple superposition,so that the inverter output voltage sine,This inverter is characterized by single-stage power conversion DC-LFAC power can be bi-directional flow,high efficiency,mature technology,widely used,the output voltage THD low,The volume of the filter is small,the dynamic response characteristics of the mains voltage leasing load change is good,and the noise is smaller than the inverter,The drawback is that the weight of the frequency transformer is large and the adjustment of the output voltage is difficult.
Single - stage inverter
PWM inverter

Using SPWM control method of sine-wave and carrier triangular wave comparison,it is possible to obtain the sine wave voltage output with small output harmonic content,and it is convenient to adjust voltage,and it can be regulated only by adjusting the size of sinusoidal modulation wave,The characteristics of this kind of inverter are that the circuit is simple,single-stage power conversion DC-LFAC,the power can be bi-directional flow,the output voltage THD is small,the output filter is easy and the volume volume of the filter is small,the input voltage and load change Dynamic response characteristics,noise has been a certain shouting small drawback is: the transformer is still working in the power frequency,the volume of weight,requiring high-speed power switching devices,high switching frequency,switching losses,reducing the inverter efficiency.

Internal high-frequency loop inverter use widely as solar powered portable generator

With high-frequency high-frequency transformer in the loop instead of single-stage inverter in the frequency transformer,significantly improved the characteristics of the inverter,Which greatly aroused interest in research,which developed a number of internal high-frequency ring inverter,According to the type of power converter can be divided into voltage and current type or DC converter and cycloconverter type two types,the DC-DC converter type can be divided into two types: one-way and two- Converter-type high-frequency ring inverter,and can be divided into smooth DC-type,full-wave rectifier-type two,Because of this type of inverter more types are more complex,this,some people will be divided into unidirectional voltage type,two-way voltage type,one-way and two-way current,DC-type converter.

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