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Silver Oxide Battery Advantages

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-28 15:04:34
Silver oxide battery anode active material is silver oxide, cathode active material is zinc or cadmium, and the electrolyte with potassium hydroxide, it is tightly closed.On the market for the sale of button-type silver oxide battery, the advantages of silver oxide battery.Why we not use silver oxide battery on solar powered portable generator the following is the reasons.

The capacity of large and small capacity per unit volume
  • The discharge voltage is stable
  • Self-discharge is small. In 220℃, self-discharge within one year of about 5%
  • Charging efficiency is high, and can be micro-current charging
  • Since the silver oxide battery has these advantages, it has been widely used in solar cell hands, cameras, etc. On the other hand, it has the following drawbacks:
  • Resistance to overcharge the weak.
  • Short cycle life
  • Therefore, these problems must be taken into account in the use.
  • In the case of a silver oxide battery, it is necessary to design a charge control circuit to prevent overcharging when a silver oxide battery is used, since the inside of the silver oxide battery does not have a function of decomposing the generated gas. This is the same as that of a Ni-Cd battery Therefore, the control circuit for preventing overcharge is indispensable,
For example, when the depth of discharge is 25%, the cycle life is about 400 times, and when the depth of discharge is 80%, the cycle time is shortened, and the cycle life is shortened. Life to less than 10 times.

Lead-acid battery anode active material is lead dioxide, the cathode active material is lead, while the electrolyte with dilute sulfuric acid, which is divided into two types of closed and open.Compared with the aforementioned Ni-Cd battery or the silver oxide battery, since the battery is inexpensive, large in capacity and easy to be obtained, the battery in the solar power generator system generally uses a lead-acid battery.
PV Power
Lead-acid batteries have the following advantages:
  • Both ends of the voltage than the Fen battery (1.25V) high (1.5V),
  • low cost,
  • A large capacity battery can be obtained.
Aluminum batteries have the following shortcomings:
  • Generally resistant to overcharge ability is weak,
  • Must be added forever.
Lead-acid batteries There are various types of accumulators used in solar power generator systems. These lead-acid batteries have their own advantages and disadvantages. To meet the requirements of Section 10.1, it is difficult to achieve the performance of solar power generator systems. According to the purpose of the flexible use of lead-acid batteries according to the shape of the anode plate can be divided into cladding and paste type. The cladding type anode plate is made of glass fiber or synthetic resin tube filled with lead dioxide, the center is the heart of lead alloy, so the ability to cycle, resistance to discharge capacity is also strong, cladding suitable for long Life, high output power applications, which can be used for high reliability of solar cell systems, electric vehicles, submarines and trains.This type of battery prices are generally higher.

Paste-type anode plates are filled with lead dioxide in the lead alloy, which has a short service life compared with the cladding type, however, it is generally used in many places because of its low cost. The characteristics of the lead-acid battery .Depth of the relationship between the depth and life, from the figure shows that the cladding life is longer with the above mourning-induced. Figure 10-11 is an example of charging characteristics, Figure 10-12 for the discharge characteristics , Figure 10-13 for the discharge current and discharge the relationship between the initial voltage In short, the lead-acid batteries have various types of God, according to the purpose of choice is very important.

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