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Separate Battery Energy Storage Power Station

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:39:11
New energy storage in like solar powered portable generator applications faced,the lack of profit model, which is currently the main problem:

Theoretically, solar energy storage can improve quality, reduce pressure on the grid, to participate in the electricity market to provide ancillary services, but these applications, there are no clear mechanisms involved in the settlement, and therefore can not properly measure the value and get the rewards.

1kWh participate in lifePo4 battery load shifting wind farm, for example, a brief calculation results show that without considering other costs in the case, within the system life cycle cost of electricity is about 1.04 yuan -1.25 yuan, higher than the regional solar power electricity price 0.5 yuan at least, if not related subsidies, then there is no economic benefit at all. Therefore, to promote energy storage in solar farm applications, we need to progress to expand the energy storage applications, such as participation in higher-value services Ancillary services market, providing backup for the grid service charge capacity costs.

Construction of power plants in the landscape, there are difficulties storage power plant operation

China's centralized power plants scenery energy storage applications, substantially all of the supporting construction of a wind power plant (referred to herein as integrated energy storage system). Integrated energy storage system, while investment in the construction of the power plant owner is responsible for the scenery, a substantial increase in investment costs may slow the pace of building energy storage power station; on the other hand, the production of wind power plant operation by the operator, and therefore the most from the global power grid can not optimized storage resource scheduling point of view, the storage function can be realized greatly reduced; furthermore, when bundled with the operating power plants scenery, the need to distinguish between beauty and benefits of grid power stations, in order to correct the settlement, therefore setting the final payment mechanisms also caused some difficulties.

To solve the above problems, proposed the construction of an independent lifepo4 energy storage power station in central station area landscape ideas, we hope to run in the coordination of regional power stations and wind energy storage power station, at the current high cost of the premise, to the maximum extent play the value of energy storage power station, to promote the commercialization of energy storage applications to help solve the new energy consumptive problem.

Advantages Independent LifePo4 Battery Energy Storage Power Station

Can Realize More Features

Independent power grid energy storage power station can be dispatched directly, similar to a small pumped storage power station, to provide peaking power grid, FM, backup, tracking plan generation, smoothing wind power and other services.

Storage and Metering Value Accounting is Relatively Simple

Solar powr portable generator to operate independently, the relative integrated energy storage system, which is easy to adjust the power statistics, types and measurement services is relatively easy, thus simplifying the operation will be a certain degree of difficulty energy storage power station.

Investors a Clear, Easy to Evaluate

Independent energy storage power station with power generation equipment completely separate, in the investment interface, clear body, conducting investment appraisal, the difficulty of investment appraisal will be reduced accordingly.

National Energy Storage Subsidy Policies More Targeted

As with the separate portable solar power generator equipment, energy storage easier to clear itself of value, to determine the way of subsidies and credits. In addition, after the exclusion of the investment cost of power generation equipment, energy storage power station independent investment volume will be greatly reduced, so that the overall amount of the subsidy will be correspondingly reduced.

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