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Seize The Advantage of Energy Change

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-14 15:50:01
At present, thermal power is still the main form of China's power supply. With the environmental problems become increasingly prominent, how to adjust the energy structure, vigorously develop clean energy has been essential. The characteristics and advantages of solar power generator have decided to form a technical system with China's own intellectual property rights, domestic photovoltaic power generation equipment, as well as commercial, large-scale industrial applications, to promote energy revolution, promote energy security, Improve the ecological environment and so has very important significance.
solar Energy Storage system
In recent years, China's wind power and photovoltaic industry has been rapid development, has become the world's first installed power. However, there are obvious flaws in wind power and photovoltaic power generation: randomness, volatility, intermittency and other characteristics, it is difficult to store, the power system is more difficult to absorb. In the absence of advanced, low-cost energy storage facilities supporting the case, it is difficult to become the main energy, some industry insiders even called "garbage power."

And photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy sources, solar thermal power generation is to solve the new energy field, "the biggest problem" - energy storage. Light and heat generation rely on relatively low cost of thermal storage device, can achieve the power output "continuous, stable and controllable", is the power system friendly power supply, can bear the base load, also have more flexible peaking capacity, can be used as the future The main power supply. Photovoltaic power generation and photovoltaic, wind power supporting the building, can significantly ease the photovoltaic and wind power output fluctuations, a substantial increase in the power system to absorb capacity to reduce the abandoned air, abandoned light contradictions.

According to the International Energy Agency predicted that by 2050 solar power generator will be able to meet the global 11.3% of the electricity demand. Large-scale development of light and heat power generation industry, and solar power generation, wind power together to form a clean energy power generation system, can greatly promote the development of wind power soalr power generation. Accelerate the proportion of renewable energy in the energy structure, to establish its position as the main energy, is to promote energy supply side reform, an important way to achieve high proportion of renewable energy.
solar power generator_
At the same time, photothermal power generation has a very low impact on the environment, the whole life cycle is very low carbon, can directly replace fossil fuels, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution control play an important role. After the completion of the solar thermal power station, the amount of radiation received by the surface soil can be reduced, the surface wind speed can be slowed down, the evaporation of surface water can be reduced, and the vegetation growth and ecological environment can be improved. Data show that in the whole life cycle, each thousand degrees of carbon dioxide emissions, light and heat 12 kg, 110 kg of photovoltaic, coal, 900 kg. In addition, although the same as solar power, photovoltaic industry, silicon production of high energy consumption, scrap the impact on the environment after, has not yet been addressed.

Vigorously develop solar power portable generator, but also help to stimulate the domestic economy and related industries, to promote the supply side of the structural reform. Most of the materials and equipment used in photothermal power plants belong to the traditional domestic raw materials and manufacturing industries. Such as steel, glass, concrete, etc., can alleviate the problem of excess domestic industry, in particular, can increase the employment of a large number of ordinary manufacturing, construction workers, but also to promote the steam turbine, generators and other traditional industries to enhance capacity, Power generation system integration, operation and control of emerging industries, creating a large number of jobs. Therefore, the advantages of photothermal power is obvious.

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