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Save More Mony by Using Portable Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 16:43:24
With the rapid development of solar energy storage system utilization and reduce production costs, for many families, the use of home solar power system to supply the family is increasingly becoming a reality. Depending on the networking of portable solar power generator are mainly two kinds of networks and off-grid, off-grid means completely independent of the public grid power generation system is not limited to location, there is a need for any user can install and use, making it ideal for free network installation area; and the network is the connection to the public grid system, you can achieve complementarity electricity, full power can also convey to the public grid. Since the electricity needs of families and institutions are very different, the system capacity can also be varied. Individual users, residential villas, enterprises can install a personalized solar powered portable generator units according to their actual electricity consumption. Can be put into use after the installation of photovoltaic systems is a highly specialized and complex work, it must be installed and commissioned by a professional work.


Whether off-grid or grid, can be thought of commercial and residential. Off-grid power system are mainly from the solar panel array, batteries, controller, inverter and other components consisting of charging and discharging. It is a complete set of directly converting light energy into electrical energy and electrical energy into chemical energy stored in Lifepo4 battery pack, need time and can be converted into electricity to power the load using a combination of solar energy equipment can also be converted into direct current commercial AC power supply and household electric appliances. And network generally do not need batteries, the public grid is an energy storage device, it can greatly reduce the cost of the entire project. After installation of the entire solar powered portable generator, the operation does not require any fuel, it does not produce any harmful substances and gases, all of the energy from the sun light radiation, it is a clean and green energy.

Since the installation of solar power solution is a highly specialized and complex work for users who often go out, a simple and practical solar home lighting system is particularly important, and this is one of the solar power generation equipment Family . Equipment package a simple configuration, and solar powered portable generator by solar panels composed of a host. Host with integrated design, set of batteries, controller and inverter in one, with a variety of output ports. With corresponding solar panels do not need to do any debugging connections can be used after installation. It is a feature-rich, easy to use, but also easy to move the portable solar power generator. Especially suitable for outdoor camping, field forestry villa, boats, remote areas without electricity for home use, but also as a regional power often family emergency electricity needs.

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