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S Back Material For Solar Power Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-12 16:44:48

Solar components back material, there are several options, depending on the application areas and user needs. Small solar module like solar power portable generator or solar garden lights and toys multi-purpose circuit boards, temperature plastic or glass plate material, and large multi-use solar battery module glass or Tedlar composite. Glass can be made translucent double-sided solar power batteries module for a photovoltaic curtain wall or translucent photovoltaic roof. Because of its light weight transparent Tedlar, applicable to the construction of a solar car, boat.

The most used is Tedlar composite film, such as TPT (or TPE). Tedlar strictly speaking should Tedlar PVT film, is a kind of Gao transmittance of transparent materials, may also be made as a variety of colors blue, black and so on. It is DuPont's exclusive products, also has many of the properties of fluorocarbon polymers known: anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, airtight, these characteristics are consistent with encapsulated solar cells. In addition, it has excellent strength and moisture resistance, can be used directly as a solar power battery module or solar collectors packaging materials. In order to maintain the solar cell module have a longer service life, such as 25 years or even longer, some professional manufacturers to Tedlar and polyester, aluminum or iron film synthetic sandwich structure that has the form of Tedlar/polyester/Tedlar; Tedlar/aluminum/Tedlar; Tedlar/iron/Tedlar.

Portable Solar Generators
Tedlar composite film thickness used was 38; xm, polyester 75Mm, aluminum and iron membrane 25~ 30Mm. The most commonly used is the Tedlar/Polyester /Tedlar, commonly referred to TPT which is on part on solar power generator. Tedlar composite film has better moisture-proof, resistance to moisture and weather resistance, usually seen on the back of the solar cell module covering mostly white TPT. TPT also has Gao Qiang, flame retardant, durable, self-cleaning properties, in the textile, construction and other industries are widely used. White TPT sunlight can play a reflex action, can raise efficiency Gao components, and has a high infrared reflectivity can reduce the operating temperature of the components, but also conducive to mention Gao assembly efficiency. But it's more expensive than Gao, about $ 10/ m2, and it is not easy bonding.

Currently, many manufacturers began to use solar battery module encapsulation TPE instead of TPT as a solar cell module on the back of the material. TPE is a Tedlar, polyester, EVA three-layer material, in contact with the cell surface (EVA surface) dark blue color as close to the battery, the package out of the assembly more beautiful.Like take portable solar power generator for camping whenever we go. Due to low layer of Tedlar, TPT weathering performance TPE is less than, but its cheap (about TPT - the half), and EVA adhesive properties, and in the component package, especially on smaller component packaging applications more and more.

other materials for solar power batteries

Glass, EVA and TPT, plus film solar cells is the main material components. In addition, you also need to connect strip (dip tin copper strip), aluminum or stainless steel frame, the electrode junction box and solder. In Wuhan, Kunming solar battery module manufacturers to provide professional aluminum frame and connected even Products available

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