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Rotating Solar Cell For Portable Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-12 08:57:55
The vast majority of solar panels are flat look, and solar power portable generator though technology can be used to make the day as the sun moving path and angle of rotation, but the design still has many limitations, especially efficiency is still insufficient .

V3 solar panels with elegant appearance, the portable battery generator on a unique cone-shaped bracket, the whole point of the absorption of solar energy. According to third party verification, model is currently being tested has produced 20 times more power than a static flat solar backplane.

V3 rotating solar power cells NectarDesign developed by the design team, the team believes the rotating solar power inverter principle to change the market rules of the game. On their website, V3 company explained that if 20 times the solar energy focused on a static flat solar battery generator , will quickly because the temperature is too high and burned, while V3 here, the temperature never exceeded 35 degrees Celsius .
A one meter diameter larger cone holder, filled with hundreds of triangular photovoltaic cells, wrapped in a "sealed outer lens condenser" inside. Photovoltaic power rotation from a small number of portable solar power generator and magnetic levitation system, reduces noise, and almost maintenance-free.

And compared to traditional solar battery generator, occupy a very small space V3, supports solar power in a small space, the designer said: "In the 10 square feet sine wave inverter with motor can accommodate 10 V3, each the angles are very accurate, to ensure that no other panel shadows .V3 not only create a great deal of power generation efficiency, but also to eliminate the effects of large-scale flat solar panels on the environment. "

However, the price of the technology may be the only question. Although the company did not disclose the specific amount, but certainly, it will be much more expensive than conventional solar panels and portable solar power generator battery. So, the question now is, 20 times the photoelectric conversion efficiency can offset its cost. The company said, V3 can make the cost of my solar backup reviews and supplies a significant reduction in area, entirely possible sharp drop manufacturers supply solar street lights solar farm a low total cost - which is the largest market potential V3.

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