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Resistance to Pushing AAA LifePo4 Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:07:39
Previously, Nanfu brought hit "Rolls Royce lifepo4 battery industry," new products, the use of lithium iron material, so that we have a preliminary understanding of this new type of battery. Unfortunately, just launched on the 5th battery specifications, so many users on the 7th battery can only wait and see, after all, there is air conditioning, remote control and wireless keyboard and mouse, power tools, electric toothbrushes, toys, etc. electrical adults still use AAA batteries. AAA batteries also called on the 7th battery, a diameter of 10mm, height of 40mm, which is the most common battery life for a variety of conventional 1.5V appliances. Recently, tailored specifically for the power tool market when resistance to build on the 7th battery, different from the ordinary alkaline and carbon zinc batteries. Instead, a new composite material is applied to the AAA batteries, cathode material iron disulfide (FeS2), the negative electrode is lithium (Li), the industry known as lithium-iron battery.
The first generation and second-generation carbon alkaline lifepo4 48v batteries, the third generation of lifePo4 batteries has many advantages, such as compatible with 1.5V alkaline batteries, carbon batteries; suitable for high current discharge; fully charged, the actual the discharge capacity exceeds the market all civilian primary batteries;

Wide temperature range compared to other primary cells much more excellent low-temperature performance, the official reference given operating temperature is -40℃ to 60℃; small size, light weight, Weight about 7.5g; leakproof significantly better performance, storage excellent performance which is the best storage battery for portable solar power generator, can be stored 10 years, the self-discharge rate of 1-2%; no use of hazardous materials, do not pollute the environment. Based on the above advantages, the lithium-iron battery has frequently been referred to as the third generation of a primary battery, following carbon batteries, alkaline batteries after, but become the best alternative to disposable lifepo4 battery .
When the resistance of the power tool customized 7 lithium iron batteries used in electric tool has two advantages. First, voltage stability, explosive strength. Initializing voltage is about 1.5V, and the voltage fluctuation is small; avoid alkaline, carbon LFP battery voltage fluctuations, load after large transient voltage drops to 1.0V, eventually put out of power dilemma.

Followed by light volume resistance when No. 7 single weight of about 7.5g, AA alkaline battery weight of about 12.5g, AA NiMH batteries of about 18g, a third lighter than ordinary alkaline batteries. Thereby further indirectly for lightweight electrical solar powered portable generator, particularly in power tools, electric toothbrushes, flashlights and other weight sensitive environment, you can directly feel the light weight advantage aa.

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