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Requirements for Installation Solar Power Stations

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-27 15:50:05
Solar power generaor according to its size and installation of categories, can also be divided into the following

The direct current from the solar battery and battery combination as a stand-alone system to use it, or through the converter and commercial power connection as a network system and use it? Can be divided into the two gods.The former for artificial satellites, lighthouses and radio relay station for power, which has been practical, the latter can be divided into decentralized and centralized way.
solar power portable generator
The solar power generation system has various kinds of classification, and the specific classification can be flexibly applied according to the main purpose, and there are other systems for home use, factory systems, etc. according to different uses.

System design method
  • The most important thing is to make the system reliability and economy to achieve a balanced, each major device in the load operation of the power range has the most appropriate capacity, the system design must pay attention to the following four points:
  • The latitude, longitude, elevation of the installation site;
  • System installation location of the weather data: sunshine, sunshine time, temperature and so on;
  • The type of load, the curve of power consumption;
  • Characteristics of system components (solar modules, batteries, transducers, etc.)
The solar cell module is mounted on a solar cell panel with a certain inclination in the direction of the incident sunlight, and the amount of solar radiation incident on the solar cell module board, if only the direct sunlight, And the cosine law of the incident angle can be easily calculated, but the actual solar radiation energy, in addition to direct light, but also contains the energy of scattered light, and its share of time or cloud state with a large Of the changes, so the need for more complex calculations.
solar pwer generation system
The third term is reflected from the surface of the sunlight, is the surface reflectivity. Depending on the surface reflectance of the earth surface, the various angles. Specific values, you can refer to the manual standard weather data, the manual by the Japanese air The regulation and health societies, which are compiled from observations made by the Bureau of Meteorology for a decade, are also commonly used as input to solar power generation.

As for the mounting angle of the solar cell panel, the azimuth angle of the normal direction of the light receiving surface, i.e., the azimuth angle, is fixed at a constant latitude, but it is effective for the direct sunlight portion, solar power portab generator is reported that the most suitable angle of inclination is slightly smaller than the latitude.If installed in the snow conditions, due to the reflection part of the large, preferably vertical installation.In addition, consider the use of more in the afternoon, The composite plate of the azimuth angle facing the south-west point and so on.

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