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Reflective And Refractive Optical Solar Power Generation

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-21 17:46:29
Snell's law and Fresnel formulas: interaction of solar radiation with various substances IW is one of the important topics slope electromagnetic theory of solar radiation is essentially an electromagnetic wave, solar power generation can vacuum or transparent substance - in uniform. transparent material, these waves keep its amplitude, frequency and velocity of propagation constant in vacuum, the speed of light wave propagation; whereas the rate of spread in other substances are lower in vacuum and the velocity of propagation in the substance of it. than the refractive index of the material referred to, it is an inherent property of matter. for example, the refractive index of the glass is about 1.5, the refractive index of water is about 1.33.

When the electromagnetic wave by means of a medium to reach the second media interface with different refractive indices, variation of the propagation rate will produce two phenomena. First, electromagnetic waves propagate along a new direction in a second medium, a phenomenon called refraction; second is the amplitude of the electromagnetic wave in the second medium than in the first medium is small, portable solar power generator because the energy must be conserved, so the child can lose a portion (characterized by decreasing amplitude) must return to the first medium, this phenomenon is called reflection, refraction or reflection phenomenon occurs regardless of the electromagnetic wave frequency in the two media of God remain unchanged.

Since the electromagnetic wave is transverse, so they can be expressed by the propagation direction and the two points perpendicular to the propagation direction of the Board of Directors that is polarized, and the amplitude is proportional to the square of the electromagnetic energy carried by its two polarization components, when an electromagnetic wave is incident C or completely smooth interface called mirror) the upper part of the medium is reflected back to the first reflective wave and the incident wave in a plane normal to the interface by the Jin thereof. in the plane electromagnetic wave is reflected by the interface and interface direction the angle between the normal of the reflection angle is called, it is equal to the value of the angle of incidence, while the two polarization of the incident wave after reflection amplitude S of the change, which is parallel to the plane of incidence of the reflected component of amplitude W relations between the incident wave amplitude is given by the Fresnel formulas.
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As Gao had scattered radiation at the interface, it will focus in the second medium in the apex of the cone 2 heart. If electromagnetic waves caused by optically denser medium is projected on the screen, then only the angle of incidence less than the critical angle of radiation It can be transmitted to the optically thinner medium to; and all electromagnetic waves than the critical angle will be reflected back all optically dense medium, solar power generation resulting in total reflection and refraction of the reflecting results, even for incident light from the light toward the dense medium. when the interface is also applicable. in this case, not as long as the angle of incidence exceeds the critical angle, you can also use Snell's Law to determine the angle of refraction lower refractive index of the second medium. and can be reversed so that the light to calculate the reflectance. clearly, when the incident angle exceeds the critical angle that is σ = 1.

For the ordinary lens to focus the sun's rays, usually the approach taken is to use the characteristics of the different refractive indices of refraction of light at the interface of substance will occur, such device is called a lens. When scolded parallel rays projected on the lens, each light changed direction and converge at a common focal point, draw a typical lens element, a lens made of a material by the refractive index of the immersion in the refractive index of the medium% of the incident light to the incident angle of the line in the first projection previous screen (Fig. 1 ^ represents the normal first interface), then the refraction angle of refraction long -solar power portable generator assumed infinitely thin lens, so that the light within the lens through a small distance and projected on a second screen when, and there shall be no lateral displacement of the light on the second angle ft, with the first and second plane tangent to the two interfaces into Tong - a wedge, the apex angle is the angle of the rays and ask rays between a now like when the application has two interfaces Snell's law.

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