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Rechargeable Magnesium Battery For Portable Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-22 12:02:59
Magnesium batteries is high performance for solar power portable generator energy storage,low price, safety and environmental friednly requirements of big rechargeable batteries.Now day study rechargeable magnesium battery is still at a preliminary stage, some distance from the actual application. With the rechargeable magnesium battery research deepening rechargeable magnesium battery may become a new large-scale energy equipment.

Energy is an important basis for human survival and development, in order to save energy, electrification of power is an inevitable trend. As a vehicle fuel alternative energy chemical power, both the development of good opportunities, but there is a huge challenge use these magnesium batteries for portable solar power generator.

People began to notice in the periodic table of elements and magnesium lithium in a diagonal position, the two have similar physical and chemical properties of magnesium-rich, low cost, low electrode potential, high energy density, safety and pollution-free process relatively easy to deal with lifePo4 batteries, it is considered another promising battery anode material.

Rechargeable magnesium battery because of its safety and price factors have potential advantage load uses, therefore, expected to be considered suitable for a new type of green electric car lifePo4 batteries and storage battery for solar power generator. At the same time, also following a battery after referring to the principle of new cell lithium-ion batteries made by, is known to be the new rechargeable battery has a good development prospects.

Since the magnesium battery research is still in its infancy, the study of electrode materials and electrolyte materials synthesis and electrochemical properties are not perfect. Rechargeable magnesium battery having a cheap, safe and environment-friendly advantages, compared with lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries can provide high energy density, however, the development of rechargeable magnesium battery has been hampered in two ways: first, due to the electrochemically active magnesium in the magnesium solution will generate most of the surface passivation film, divalent magnesium ions through this passivation layer is difficult, making it difficult magnesium dissolution and deposition, thus limiting its electrochemical activity; second divalent magnesium ion charge density, solvation strong, difficult to insert many matrix.Maybe in the future we could use magnesium battery for portable solar power generator.

Ideal secondary magnesium battery cathode material with high specific energy, high electrode potential, good reaction reversibility, high electronic conductivity, abundant resources, low cost, and good chemical stability in the electrolyte discharge and low solubility (low self-discharge) and other features. Magnesium secondary battery, the positive electrode material may be embedded in an inorganic transition metal compound mostly concentrated oxides, sulfides, borides, polyanionic compounds and sulfur-containing electrically conductive materials.so magnesium battery is some advantage to lifePo4 batteries.

So we look forward to use it on portable solar power generator.Magnesium is mainly carried out in the positive electrode material inserting and extracting, the main research direction is to identify the cathode material to make magnesium ions reversibly inserted deintercalation, and can be stably present in the electrolyte material. Material selection is generally concentrated in the positive electrode of transition metal inorganic oxides, sulfides, borides, phosphates and other compounds above.

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