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Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-23 16:02:00
Theoretically, the study of the heat transfer performance of rock packed bed, both analytical methods can also use the numerical approximation method is rough because the bed size and shape of the rock can not be completely uniform, the air flow in the rock voids The situation is extremely complex, so the temperature of the air into the bed with time and space as a function of the analytical solution is very difficult, or even almost impossible.

The heat loss from the bed surface area to the environment can be expressed in terms of the total heat loss coefficient multiplied by the temperature difference between the bed and the surrounding air. For solar powered portable generator systems, the best solar power generator for home devices are usually installed inside the house, The loss of the ambient temperature is generally not the outdoor air temperature but the room temperature, and the heat storage loss actually becomes the uncontrolled heat gain of the house.
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Two groups of similar energy balance equations can be listed when extracting heat from the bed (the air flows from the bottom upwards), but it should be noted that the air flow rate (and hence the flow rate) from the collector may be related to the air flow rate from the heat load (And thus the flow rate), and the volume heat transfer coefficient of the bed body when heating the body may also be different from the value when the bed cooling - when the value of the volume heat transfer coefficient is large, between the bed and the air the temperature difference is small, so it can be considered that the temperature of the air out of the bed is equal to the temperature of the bed body, so C4-3-20) and (4-3-21)

Soil heat storage In addition to the above-mentioned rock storage tank, there is a kind of earth as a container of heat storage device.It can use the small pond or in the flat excavation, and dug out the soil around the dam, in which Fill the broken rock, the upper cover insulation layer or impermeable layer, such as concrete, etc. This storage device is characterized by the soil as a container, not around the insulation, the lower the cost; and the rock pile around the soil Heat storage, can improve the storage capacity of the portable solar power generator for home device is usually air as a heat medium, with the air collector used in combination, the surface should be inclined to the south about 30% in order to facilitate drainage.In summer storage, with a hole hot air from the upper part of the heat supply to the building, because the heat storage to make the underground space to become the hot air, the heat from the bottom of the collector, the heat can be heated by convection to heat the entire space; Drying, so the summer in the collector glass cover the surface of the possibility of condensation will be reduced.

The invention has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, no danger of portable solar power generator, etc. The disadvantage is that it can only be applied to the dry area, and because the transportation cost of air as heat medium is high, it is only suitable as Small-scale heat storage purposes.
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