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PV System Design Capacity

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-13 12:49:35
PV system design includes two aspects: the capacity and hardware design.

The main purpose of the solar power portable generator system design capacity is the number of systems throughout the year can be required to work reliably for a solar cell module and the lifePo4 battery is calculated. Also note that the relationship between the work coordinate system maximum reliability and system costs between the two, to minimize system cost, maximum reliability to meet the system based on the work. The main purpose of the solar power generation system hardware design is to choose the appropriate hardware devices according to the actual situation, 'comprises a solar cell module selection, stent design, inverter selection, cable selection, measurement control system design, mine design and distribution electrical system design. During the time of system design needs to consider the system's software and hardware aspects.

For different types of photovoltaic systems, software design content are not the same. Stand-alone system, and network design methods and hybrid systems and consider the priorities will be different.

Before carrying out the design of photovoltaic systems, we need to understand and get - some calculation and select the required basic data: a photovoltaic portable solar power generator system on-site location, including location, latitude, longitude and altitude; meteorological data in the region, including the monthly solar the total amount of radiation, direct radiation and diffuse radiation Dong, the annual average temperature and most Gao, minimum temperature, the maximum number of consecutive rainy days, the maximum wind speed and hail, snow and other special weather conditions and so on.
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Independent photovoltaic system software design

Photovoltaic system software design includes estimating load electricity child, the child and the number of solar cell module storage battery capacity is calculated and the solar battery module is installed best angle calculations. Because the number of directors and the solar cell module lifePo4 battery capacity is a key part of the photovoltaic system design software, so this section focuses on the calculation and selection of the solar power battery module and method for batteries.

It should be noted that, in the portable solar power generator design, not all of the options are dependent on the calculations. Sometimes designers need to make their own judgments and choices. Tips calculation is very simple, the designer of the efficiency and adequacy of the load the correct judgment is cost-effective to get a key to good design.

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