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Proper Use of Self Balancing Scooter LifePo4 Batteris

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:56:02
Late maintain self balancing scooter performance and life plays a vital role. While the latter mainly for the maintenance of the smart balancing scooter is a lifepo4 battery. For consumers, the proper and safe use of the battery has become a required course.
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Don't Replace Charger

Self balancing scooter charger manufacturers generally have individual needs, not sure at the time don't arbitrarily replace the charger. If continued long trip mileage requirements, it's necessary for remote charging with multiple chargers, daytime use another supplementary charger, and evening use original charger. Remove the speed controller, although you can increase the speed of some cars, but in addition will reduce the safety car outside will reduce lifePo4 batteris life.

Protect the Charger

Instructions have described above with respect to the protection of the charger, but many users don't see the customary specification, often out of the question after he come to find instructions, this is very undesirable. Some businesses in order to reduce costs, with the charger isn't designed to do high resistance to vibration, these vibrations After a charger, its internal potentiometer will drift, making the parameter drift, resulting in abnormal state of charge.

Every Day Charge

Even if your requirements continued isn't long line , so charage one time be able to use 2-3 days, but also need recommended charge every day, this would be the battery in the lighter cycle and increase battery life.This is also important for the battery of solar powered portable generator.

Timely Charge

After self balancing scooter battery discharge in 12 hours started begins curing process,there is a clear cure.In time charging, you can clear sulfide isn't serious, if not timely charge, the sulfide crystals will accumulate gradually form coarse crystals generally charger for these coarse crystals is powerless, it will gradually decrease battery capacity and shorten the battery life. Therefore, in addition to charging every day outside, but should pay attention to the charge as soon as possible after use is over,and  charge the battery is in full status.

Periodic Deep Discharge
Lead-acid Batteries
Deep discharge lifePo4 batteris regularly is also conducive to activate battery, also can slightly enhance battery capacity . The general method
is regularly once fully discharged for battery. By this way is fully discharged flat road surface under normal load conditions to ride to the first voltage protection. After the completion of fully discharged, battery will fully charged and battery capacity has improved feel.

Develop a Good Habit of Saving

Use glide as far as possible. As when about to encounter traffic lights ahead into the taxi, to minimize braking. A friend told me he would rather turn a Bay also reduce the time the brakes, it makes sense to start, it is best to join riding help, not only can improve the startup speed, and can reduce the loss of battery charge life and injury.

Note that the environmental charge

Fortunately, most of the time families are now having an indoor temperature controlled conditions when us portable solar power generator not darin too, charging, lifePo4 batteries and charger best to arrange in ventilated and temperature controlled environment. Special note that the battery in the northern winter into a warm room from outside, when the low temperature, the surface of the battery will appear frost condensation. In order to avoid battery drain caused by frost condensation, should the battery temperature rises to close to room temperature and dried again after charging.

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