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Principle Of Off Grid System Software Design

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-13 13:36:36
Design a solar battery module main principle is to satisfy each said demand for electricity under average weather conditions load; and because of weather conditions less than the average in the case of Gao, so to ensure that the solar cell modules and lifePo4 batteries in the weather conditions do not coordination in the case of the mean; the lifePo4 battery in a few days under adverse weather conditions, the state of charge (SOC) will be much lower. In the design of the solar cell module sizes do not consider as soon as possible to the storage lifePo4 batteries are fully charged. If so, it will lead to a large solar cell module, so that the solar power generator cost through Gao; in most of the time of year generation of the solar cell module is far greater than the use of load Dong, resulting solar cell components unnecessary waste; the main role of the battery in the case of solar radiation is lower than the average power to the load; in the subsequent Gao solar radiation at the average weather conditions, the solar power battery module will be to charge the lifePo4 battery.
Design of solar cell modules to meet the needs of the worst season of light. When the solar cell module during the design, the first issue to consider is the design of the solar cell module output is equal to the annual average value of the load demand. In that case, the solar cell module will provide all the energy required by the load. But it also means that every year, nearly half of the time the battery in a power deficit state. Loss of power within the lifePo4 battery for a long time in the state will make the lifePo4 battery plate sulfation. But not in the stand-alone PV system backup power in case of poor weather to recharge the battery, so the battery life and performance will be greatly affected, the operating cost of the entire system will be greatly increased. Solar cell module design better approach is to make the solar cell module can meet the worst season of light load needs, that is, to ensure that the battery can be filled completely in the light of the worst case of electricity. Such lifePo4 batteries are full throughout the year to achieve the state to extend the service life of the storage battery, reducing maintenance costs.

If the worst season of the year the light, the light intensity is much lower than the average, in this case according to the worst case still consider the design of the solar cell module size, the design of the solar cell module at other times of the year will be far more than actually needed, and costly. Then you can consider using a hybrid system with a backup power source. But for a small solar power portable generator, the cost of installing a hybrid system will be Gao; and in remote areas, the use of standby power operating and maintenance costs are very high, so the design of key independent PV system is to choose the most cost-effective solution.
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LifePo4 battery design idea is to ensure that the load can still work normally in case of continuous sunlight below average. We can assume that the battery is fully charged, in the case where the light intensity is lower than average, the power generated by the solar cell module can not completely fill the vacancy due to the energy consumption of the load from the lifePo4 battery generated, so that when the end of the first day, battery will not be in a full state. If the next day is still below the average of the light intensity, the battery will still need to be supplied to the load discharge, the lifePo4 battery state of charge continues to drop. Perhaps the next 3 Day 4 Day have the same situation occurs. However, in order to avoid the loss of the battery cell design method bad, this discharge process can only be allowed to persist for some time until the battery state of charge reaches the specified dangerous level. In order to evaluate this child of continuous sunlight at below average, the battery during the design, we need to introduce - an indispensable parameters: the number of days of self-sufficiency, the solar power generation in the absence of any external energy still normal case load the number of days of work. This parameter enables system designers to select the size of the lifePo4 batteries capacity to make use of.

In general, self-determined number of days to two factors: the extent of the power load requirements; solar power system installation site meteorological conditions, ie, the maximum number of days of continuous rain. The maximum number of days usually rainy PV system installation site can be used as the number of consecutive days of self-sufficiency systems used in the design, but also considering the load on the power supply requirements. For the load on the power supply is not very demanding photovoltaic applications, we typically taken in the design to the number of days for 3 to 5 days. For load requirements are very strict application of photovoltaic systems, we typically taken in the design to the number of days for 7~14 days, so-called load requirements less stringent system usually means that the user can adjust a little bit to accommodate the load demand inclement weather inconvenience , and it refers to a strict system of electricity load is important, for example, commonly used in the communications, navigation or important health facilities such as hospitals, clinics and the like. Moreover, it should consider the installation location of the PV system, if in very remote areas, larger lifePo4 battery capacity must be designed children because maintenance personnel arrived at the scene to take a long time.

Battery portable solar power generator systems are used in nickel-metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries and lead-acid batteries, but taking into account the maturity of technology and cost factors in larger systems usually used lead-acid batteries. In the following content related to the battery means no special instructions are lead-acid batteries.

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