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No longer blew! Prevent Lithium Battery Explosion Method!

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 09:40:19
( 48V) Lithium batteries are flammable devices, mobile phones, scooters and other built-in lithium device, if used improperly, there is always the time of explosion. We have reproduced in movie, show scooter lithium blast.

Lithium ion Battery Explosion

Do lithium produced in the manufacturing process itself is also a problem can not be ignored, because the manufacturing process was defective, it is easy to leave fragments of metal dust, copper and aluminum foil between the positive and negative should be insulated from these scrap battery overheated, will be like the dumplings in boiling water to do the same random thermal motion in the electrolyte, if prolonged exercise, these particles happen to be close to the lifepo4 battery positive and negative poles in the middle of the diaphragm can easily cause a short circuit inside, and inside the battery the electrolyte is a flammable liquid, a spark caused by a short circuit in a confined environment can easily lead to electrolyte battery ignition internal combustion and explosion. Is there a lithium battery to prevent prevent blew? American universities have studied the new technology successfully. 

 Lithium Battery Explosion

Stanford University scientists have developed a new lithium battery, and claim to have mechanism to prevent the explosion. Traditional lithium-ion batteries will be between the electrodes with liquid or gel electrolyte containing ions, these electrolytes because of a short circuit, overcharge and other factors continue to generate heat, once the temperature is too high, for example, more than 150 degrees, the electrolyte will fire and explosion, and this prevents blew lithium battery prevents this from happening, the principle is automatically powered off before the battery overheating, so that the battery is no longer a chemical action ordered temperature decreases, when the temperature is reduced to a certain level when the battery quickly restart. This batteries can be used in solar powered portable generator.

However, they are not flame retardants and the like so that the battery can not use the material, but turned to nanotechnology, nanoscale nickel particle surface plus a layer of graphene, and embedded in a flexible polyethylene film, and the film will connect the two poles . The film will be stretched when heated, separated from the conductive nickel particles, will cause power outages effect, then the film cools, it will reconnect the power supply of the nickel particles. TAG: South Time Drones Tiger Devices Alta AES Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box