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Power Battery Safety: PACK and BMS Is Sticking Point

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:00:22
Benefit from the domestic policies of new energy vehicles and power lifepo4 48V industry's strong support, in 2015 the new energy automobile production and sales surge, battery power shortage, dividend policy to benefit the whole industry chain. Industry insiders estimate that 2016 will usher in the first year of battery development. Battery long-term trend is no doubt, but safety is the primary criterion for consumer choice of products. Recently the Ministry of Industry "halt" Three lithium battery, a series of pure electric VW Golf 5561 due to "battery management system problems," recalls other incidents occurred, once again sparked public concern about the safety performance of the battery.


For the safety of the battery, in addition to battery materials technology road dispute, the industry generally believe that the role PACK battery and BMS in safeguarding security irreplaceable. Power Battery PACK product consists of three parts, namely the battery pack, BMS and holder shell (covering thermal management, structural design, high pressure control, security management, etc.). Wherein, BMS is known as electric vehicle power battery system "brain", and motive power batteries, vehicle control system together constitute the three core technology of electric vehicles.

No battery management battery pack is a bomb. BMS, ie, the battery management system is the core power battery pack, balanced load power, service life, safety, etc., are required BMS to control and optimization in the new energy automotive industry chain, industry value BMS is very important. Public information, BMS prevent over charge, avoid over discharge, temperature control and maintain the battery pack voltage and temperature balance, remaining battery capacity and predict the remaining mileage and other features. Meanwhile, BMS also has real-time monitoring and adjustment of the battery state management capacity, ability to work synchronized with a plurality of parallel subsystems. Through BMS can accurately measure the condition of the battery pack for solar powered portable generator, the battery will not overcharge and discharge protection, balancing a battery pack each battery charge, as well as analysis and calculation The battery pack and convert endurance understandable information to ensure battery safe operation.
solar powered protable generator
The power of storage battery pack and battery management system was listed as key research tasks, "BMS charging infrastructure protection needs for the response rate of 100%" is listed as one of the operational safety ,and technical aspects of interconnection of electric vehicle infrastructure assessment indicators. Although BMS is very important for electric cars, but because of the relatively low proportion of the cost of the vehicle, the vehicle for a long time without the attention of enterprises, the lack of design and production experience,portable solar power generator  product BMS should do fine and stronger domestic business journey in the field of power battery BMS is still a long way to go, but because of the sudden outbreak of new energy automobile production and sales, the rapid expansion of downstream applications market is not growing enough to BMS industry time.Until 2020 years, the market of vehicle battery power will reach 120 billion yuan. Wherein, BMS system used by passenger cars account for about 10% -16%, commercial vehicles accounted for about 3% -5%, when the domestic electric vehicle market will reach 17 billion yuan BMS.

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