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Positional Relationship Between The Sun And Earth

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-12 11:05:42
Application in the design of portable solar power generator systems, will inevitably involve solar elevation angle, azimuth, sunshine time calculation must therefore be the Earth around the sun and the basic laws related to astronomy background have a certain understanding.

(1) with the celestial celestial coordinate system

Globe as an observer to any length (infinite) radius, on the distribution of all the celestial sphere is called the celestial chimney.

Through the center of the celestial sphere (ie, the observer's eye) and a plane perpendicular to the vertical line called goiter surface; the celestial horizon is divided into two hemispheres; the ground plane with the celestial sphere intersection line is a great circle, called the horizon circle; through the intersection of the vertical line and the center of the celestial sphere are called celestial zenith and nadir. Earth day around its own polar axis to revolve on its axis from west to east; conversely, assume the earth does not move, then the celestial sphere every day around its own axis from east to west rotation one week, we called diurnal motion . Sunday movement, there are two fixed points, called the north celestial pole and the south celestial pole, solar power generation the line connecting the two celestial axis on the celestial sphere is called day; through the center of the celestial sphere (ie, the observer's eye) and perpendicular to the axis of days flat surface called the celestial equator; the celestial equator and the celestial plane intersecting line is a great circle, called the celestial equator. By day and very zenith of the great circle called the meridian.

In 1: Define several celestial coordinate system and the polar circle (face) on the basis of the above, in order to study the position of celestial bodies on the celestial sphere and their laws of motion. The most commonly used are horizontal coordinate system and the equatorial coordinate system; the latter can be subdivided according to the different origin of the coordinate system and the angle was too equatorial coordinate system. The following highlights and design of solar cell applications related to horizontal coordinate system and when the angular coordinate system.
(2) horizontal coordinate system

In the horizon circle as the basic circle, zenith as the basic point, the southern point of the origin of the coordinate system is called the horizontal coordinate system, for a long time to make a great circle through the zenith and the sun (or any celestial body), called the horizon meridional; horizon Meridional cross horizon circle at point M; S from the origin along the horizon measured clockwise circle, arc SiW the horizon longitude, or azimuth a; arc of the horizon XAf latitude, or Gao degrees /1, up is positive, down is negative. Arc ZX called zenith distance, measured from 2 onwards, represented by Z. Obviously Z = 90 ° -1 due to the diurnal motion of celestial bodies there, so over time horizon coordinates of celestial bodies are constantly changing. In addition, solar power portable generator the coordinates of celestial horizon and also the position of the observer on the ground have a certain relationship, that horizon coordinate with the observation location to another.

(3) when the angular coordinates

In the celestial equator as the basic circle as the basic point of the north celestial pole, celestial equator and the meridian in the south near the intersection at the origin of the coordinate system is called the angular coordinate system or the first equatorial coordinate system. Made by the north celestial pole and the sun (or any celestial body) X a great circle, called the ring when; when the circle cross the celestial equator in the slightest; count from the origin Q Dong along the celestial equator in the clockwise direction, angle too arc QT r, r degrees hours, minutes and seconds to indicate to be hours, minutes, seconds to indicate; solar power generator arc XT is called declination 5, 5 degrees, minutes, seconds to indicate; counting from the celestial equator, up is positive, down is negative. When the day of the body as the diurnal motion, declination of celestial bodies and not with the diurnal motion and change, but the angle of 0° r celestial never uniformly increased to 360 °. Further, in the same moment, in different geographical longitude of the observation point observation angle r when the same objects are different, that is, when the angle r with the same celestial observations by location.

These are just a brief introduction a little background knowledge related to astronomy. If you want to accurately calculate the sun Gao degrees, azimuth, H according to time and other data, but also need to understand the conversion between the coordinate solar power generator system of the above, it also involves time system, interested readers can find some information related to astronomy knowledge complement [2 ~ 6]. The authors provide a calculated solar elevation with lifePo4 batteries angle in the Appendix A, the azimuth sunshine time utilities, use this utility, the reader may not need to fully understand the relevant background knowledge of astronomy, the sun can also be calculated accurately Gao degree angle, azimuth, sunshine duration and other data.

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