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Portable Solar Power Generator No Worry About Power Outages

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:48:02
At home, camping or in the aftermath of natural disasters, a portable solar power generator when you need it can be quickly assembled, it has a variety of different types of jack, you can use a laptop at home, or to your phone charging, you can also use it to squeeze milk, you can even use it to bake bread, oh. The sun will give him unlimited energy for you to use if you have a car, then it is even more convenient to carry, and experience sudden power outage, you do not need to worry about.

This solar tree developed by the Committee of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi made, it is not the installation of solar panels on the tree, but a tree-like structure made of steel, followed by solar panels placed in a different tree, "tree" height, and can be placed in different solar orientation to take advantage of the sun's rays. The top of the tree, the future will install sprinklers for cleaning solar panels.
 portable solar power generator

In fact, research on solar tree, Indian scientists are not exclusive. Back in 2007, the Austrian capital Vienna, there have been similar solar lights; in 2011, a 13-year-old American child inspiration arranged in accordance with the leaves of the tree trunk, invented a solar tree, this invention earned him a patents; Since then, the world can see the solar tree figure, but has been unable to achieve large-scale applications. It should be said, is not something new solar tree, however, to really pay attention to it, and the desire to promote large-scale, comes as Indian scientists and use lifepo4 to storage the solar energy.

solar powr tree

Benefits of Solar Tree

Solar Tree has two distinct advantages: First, make full use of the land area. Second, efficient power generation. "
Solar tree occupies only four square feet (1.3 square meters), but if you use conventional rooftop solar panels way to achieve the same power output, the laying of solar panels accounted roof area of 400 square feet, a difference of 100 times.
Because solar tree can be placed in different solar panels toward the sun, compared with rooftop solar energy received more than 10% -15% of the sun's rays, which is equivalent to more than a day to receive one hour of the sun's rays. Researchers tested, such a solar tree, made 5 kWh per day, to meet the electricity needs of five normal Indian family.

Soon after, the solar tree as the solar powered portable generator will toward the sun but also according to every direction of the solar panels automatically adjust the secondary, so make solar energy generating capacity in the original tree efficiency on the basis of further increased by 10%.

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