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Portable Solar Generator May Arise Problem

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:50:18
1. Solar Powered Portable Generator Rreactive Power Output

Just unpacked solar generator, power is not very adequate, but lighting, mobile phone charging and small-power appliances is bootable. If the lamp is not lit, it does not bring the appliances is no electricity output. First check the switch is turned on, view the host after the second fuse is installed good again is to confirm whether the line off phenomenon.

2. How do you know how much power the portable solar power generator and for how long?

There are two questions: First, how much power can be made? Second, how much power can be saved. Generating capacity of solar power systems rely on solar panels to decide, in general, 100W panels a day on average generating capacity is 0.4-0.5KWH (1KWH = 1 kWh), solar panels how big it was decided one day generating system You can send electricity. Memory capacity protable solar power generation system depends on the capacity of the battery, a 100AH battery memory capacity is 1.2KWH.
portable solar power generator
As for how long, depends on the desired size with the electrical power. Soalr power generator and electricity deposit is rated, it is like a bucket of water, when the tap is large, the time is short of water; when the faucet hour, water is even longer. Therefore, only to find out the size of the use of electrical power, it can be used to determine how long.

The following 1000W output 200W  portable solar power generatotr for home as an example:

200W panels average daily power generation is 0.8-1KWH , this solar energy geneator system is equipped with battery capacity is 100AH, the maximum memory capacity is 1.2KWH , according to 70% of the output count can be for electricity consumption is about 0.8 degrees. If the power of television to a 100W power supply, it can be used for 8 hours; If you give a power of 60W laptop power supply, it can be used for more than 13 hours.

3. How do you know is not overloaded running?

That depends on the maximum power output of portable solar power generation system, the total number of all electrical power used, must not exceed the maximum output power generation system, otherwise overload run.

Or in the above examples: 1000W is the maximum output power, if the power supply is 100W light bulbs, up to no more than 10 months, if the power of 500W while using the cooker, that can drive the bulbs can't be more than 5 a. In actual use, in order to make portable solar power generation system run more stable, the total electrical power used is preferably less than 80% of the power generation system power output.

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