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Solar Backpack Charge Mobile Device

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-08 15:38:51
Recently, a dedicated electronic product development, the team named BirkSun developed a portable solar power genertator solar charging backpacks, addition to the basic functions of storage, but also built-in solar panels, can charge digital devices anywhere body, to ensure that power equipment on hand at any time full. California friends have tried back a week later, the biggest feeling is: Why do not all backpackers can charge!

The BirkSun designed two different styles, respectively, and diagonal package backpack. In BirkSun solar power generator backpack outward surface are equipped with solar panels, you can charge anytime, anywhere. Panels equipped with a USB interface can charge for virtually all smart devices, so you can bid farewell to "low battery" the spell.
Solar Powered Backpack USB Charging Bag
To say this, maybe you will worry about this BirkSun solar power backpack will sink to death, in fact, nothing to worry about. BirkSun whole weight of only 1.13kg, almost the same with ordinary shoulder bag. In order to reduce the weight of the backpack, BirkSun backpack uses silicon solar panels. Meanwhile, the solar generator backpack using high quality handmade fabric produced, built computer protective sleeve wool texture, notebook computers, digital cameras, mobile phones and other various mobile devices are properly placed. Even if there is no solar panels blessing, to be ordinary digital package it is more than enough.

If the sun is shining, back BirkSun absolutely no problem. Even slight cloudy, BirkSun built-in solar panels can also take advantage of the weak sunshine for their full power, so you no longer afraid of running low. BirkSun solar power portable generator backpack built-in solar panel capacity, though not much, but a full iPhone, or more than enough.

Of course, the case of no sun days, BirkSun built-in solar panels can also be directly charged to act as an ordinary mobile power.
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