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Portable Solar Power Equipment

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-19 16:19:18
① Solar cell phone charger Japanese development companies rely on sunlight to recharge the development of a dedicated phone charger. This charger shaped like a business card, easy to carry, charged by sunlight 4h can be three or continuous standby continuous talk lh. Solar charger is a small portable solar power generator general area as the business card size, only 4cm thick, 40g, as long as you connect a phone jack, it can be charged by sunlight of 4h. The manufacturers said that not only the outer easy to use, hiking, camping or even victims of the earthquake or power outage, you can also charge the phone with outreach.

② Solar energy research solar Finnish TV TV during the day as long as the semiconductor silicon photoelectric converter placed there on sunny windowsill, you can watch TV at night without power, stored energy converter for operating voltage of 12V TV use 3.4h. India developed solar television, its energy absorbing system as long as the work 4h per day, even for 3 consecutive days without the sun, but also the normal broadcast programs. The Philippines has begun mass production of solar color TV, Germany, the United States has begun mass production of solar portable TV.
Solar cell phone charg
③ Solar radiotelephone calls for solar energy has been available for a radio company in the United Kingdom. It uses the top coat solar panels, can continue to charge the battery. User's voice input via radio waves near the telephone switch, then transmitted to the telephone communications network to go around.

④ Solar camera made Japan the world's first solar energy a camera only 475g quality, machines built with advanced solar system, its battery can be used continuously for four years. US company produced a new type of solar camera 135, its aperture, speed by the microcomputer automatic control, power provided by the solar selenium cell, as long as the light power can be used.

⑤ Solar refrigerator French company developed a solar-powered refrigerator, which is based on methanol as a refrigerant, every 24h can ice 10kg, 30kg fresh food. Another developed a large-scale solar-powered refrigerator warehouse with one kind of parabolic mirrors concentrate sunlight filled the upper part of the semiconductor cell, the light is converted into an electric current, the inside temperature can be kept refrigerated 500kg of food a day, also made a 25kg to ice. India successfully developed a solar refrigerator, flat solar collector is filled with ammonia in sunlight ammonia evaporated from aqueous ammonia, and down in another refrigerated container. Evening liquid ammonia to the refrigerator pipe, ammonia smokin 'hot M to close the refrigerator to cool down.

⑥ Solar ventilation fans in Japan recently launched a solar buildings dedicated fan, there are solar panels mounted on the window frame, the drive current of the solar energy generated rotating fan, ventilation capacity per minute lm3.This solar power portable generator is very useful .

⑦ Solar radios Germany successfully developed a solar radio, it can transform solar energy into direct current, as radio energy.

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