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Portable Solar Panels Washing Machine

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:36:09
Board cleaning the pool currently used hand-cleaning, high pressure water washing, solar cleaning machines could use the power of solar powered portable generator, cleaning robot, various methods of cleaning large vehicles, there is no optimal solar panel cleaning solutions. Manual cleaning of work, low efficiency; general cleaning robot face cleaning effect, reliability, cost, space constraints and other issues; large washing cars there is a high cost, difficult to guarantee the reliability of the device, the cleaning effect is sometimes not ideal, site conditions restricted and other issues; imports of portable high-pressure water cleaning machine cleaning effect can be, but the efficiency is not satisfactory, the cost of the machine is relatively high.

Based on years of experience and a deep understanding of the market, with reference to the import of cleaning machines, the successful launch of the complete localization of low-pressure water-driven wheel feet of solar panels washing machine, portable washing machine this single operation, no electricity, need only drive low-pressure water, water can be driven, easy to use, the same operation as the mower, pushed to be cleaned! One day, each machine can clean approximately 3200m2 solar panels, high-efficiency than the manual cleaning alone more than three times, cleaning effect, controllable quality. A small one-time investment, particularly for new entrants to the business use.

Washing machine is universal cleaning equipment, cleaning can be used in a variety of solar panels. For example, for a 20-megawatt photovoltaic power plant on the ground, using a waterwheel driven pull five or six sets of washing machines, six or seven days to complete the project, under normal circumstances less than two cleaning costs five cents per square meter per times. This washing machine is more suitable for a variety of distributed PV cleaning has distributed photovoltaic area is small, complex terrain, mostly on the roof, etc. The characteristics of this washing machine easy to carry which storage is LEP battery, easy to operate, can be connected to plumbing work, Also do not pull the wire, safe and easy. Washing machine pole can be added up to ten meters long, can clean a large area panels at a long distance.

Round feet of solar panels washing machine, the reason for having such a performance advantage, because of the introduction of independent research and development, manufacturing low-pressure water driven water motor, unlike the commonly used pressure washer imports impact impeller, the motor with water counterattack axial flow impeller, so you can use low-pressure water 0.3 MPa, low cost, small vibration, stable operation.
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Portable solar panels feet wheel cleaning machine cleaning effect, high efficiency, but also because of its integrated water, washing, wiping three functions into one. There above the machine wheel can be pushed to walk, without carrying or holding it works. Its water can reach 20 tons per hour, Brush speed 1100 rev/ min, in such a large volume, high speed washing, drying floating dust, leaves, dirt, insects, bird droppings, sticky object, can be cleaned.

Round feet of portable solar power generator of solar panels washing machine safe, neither wear nor bumps panels. The reason is that, unlike other new equipment in recent years to use the washing machine prototype has been referred to the German market for many years in Europe, it is commonly used cleaning equipment photovoltaic panels, after years of practice tests, will not cause damage to the panels.
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