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Portable Solar Charger: Charging Can Either Lighting

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-11 20:17:24
Now, the concept of solar power portable generator saving popular, there have been a lot of new ideas is that you can make full use of solar energy in order to achieve different functions. For those who prefer traveling users, although portable charging treasure, but will often encounter charge treasure no electricity where available. Recently, the designer brought us a new solar charging device, not only can be charged with a lighting effect also can be said to be outdoor travel essential products.

The charging device uses a folding design, small footprint, just ordinary A3 paper size, user-friendly to carry out. Solar panels section 180 may exhibit an open state, so that you can better accept the sunlight.

In the interface, equipped with two USB ports,that means you can simultaneously charge the two mobile phone or tablet. The device built-efficient lifePo4 batteries, before the first use of power is fully charged, the outdoors, it can be charged automatically.
solar power tent
The principle of this technique is that, on a common transparent panel, coated with organic molecules coating. Then the coating can absorb the sun's invisible light, including ultraviolet and near-infrared. In light after absorbing energy, it will emit a special infra-red wavelengths, and directed onto the edge of photovoltaic solar panels, which convert solar energy into electrical energy. Since the absorbent material and the light emitted is not visible, so the human eye, this panel is transparent.

LED lights with seven energy saving, easy to use at night. After fully charged, up to 7 hours of lighting time of about 1.5 hours to fully charge to iphone. In addition, the portable solar power generator as well as the role of the police, the unique pattern of flashing lights, there is a special time in case of emergency, issued a distress signal.

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