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Portable Battery Generator For Camping

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-02 14:28:48
When outdoors, the electronic device needs to be charged, often because there is no appropriate power and frustration. I want to use small solar power generator, and too dependent on the sun, a cloudy day encounter on the game. Portable solar power generator charger, solar panels even in closed, there is no sun or indoor Language, when you can easily use it to charge.

Weighing only 680g, after the roll up volume is smaller than a bottle of mineral water, light and easy to carry, as long as can be rolled up and stuffed into a backpack carry it everywhere. Photovoltaic panels using amorphous silicon material, even on cloudy days or in a cool place, can still work normally. Most existing solar charger does not feature built-in storage lifePo4 batteries. That is, when the solar charger in the sun under the photoelectric conversion, electronic equipment is also to be in the sun exposure, it is easy to burn out the equipment.

Inside with a total capacity of 15600mAh lifePo4 battery, solar panel is a flexible polymer solar cells (also known as organic solar cell), carbon and the like using light absorbing material and an active renewable, non-toxic materials is made. Solar cell itself is less than 2 microns thick, just because encapsulated in a protective foil, so the final thickness of the solar panels is about 1 mm. Thin and soft, so in order to curl is housed inside the housing. It can be exempted from natural conditions at any time to the device for charging. The above has two USB ports are available for both devices simultaneously. One end of the charger is equipped with power switch and LED indicators to display the other end of the lifePo4 battery is two USB ports, you can plug in to the mobile device charging.

The charger size is very small, when it is suitable for outdoor carry, it uses lifePo4 batteries pack which is every safe,aluminum shell, lightweight and strong. The most critical solar charging panel was placed inside this silver casing and shrink freely when needed it can be pulled out. When the charging plate is fully expanded, absorbing solar energy equipment is the fastest time.

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