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Polymer Multilayer Modified Electrode Type Solar Cell

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 13:52:39
In the solar cell towel to the polymer on behalf of inorganic materials is a new research direction of solar cells for solar powered portable generator. The principle is to use different redox potentials of different redox-type polymers, in the conductive material (electrode) surface multilayer composite made similar to the PN junction with the one-way conductive device.One of the inner layer of the electrode from the reduction potential low polymer modification, the reduction potential of the outer polymer is higher, the electron transfer direction can only be transferred from the inner layer to the outer layer;the other electrode modification is the opposite, and the first electrode on the reduction potential of the two polymers,which is higher than the reduction potential of the two polymers.When the two modified electrodes are released into the electrolyte containing photo-sensitizer, the electrons generated after the light-sensitizer absorbs light are transferred to the electrode with lower reduction potential.The accumulation of electrons on the lower electrode can not be transferred to the outer layer of the polymer, only through the external circuit through the reduction potential of the electrode to ask the higher electrolyte, flash circuit in addition to light current generated.
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As the flexibility of the machine material, easy to produce, a wide range of sources of materials, low cost advantages, so large-scale use of solar energy, to provide cheap electricity is of great significance. Research on the preparation of solar cells with organic materials Bi Jingcai started, whether it is life or battery efficiency, can not and inorganic materials (especially silicon cells) compared to develop into a practical significance of the product, also need further study explore.

Dye - sensitized nanocrystalline solar cells

In the solar cell silicon solar power batteries X is the most mature, but because of its high cost, far can not meet the requirements of large-scale promotion and application. For this reason, people constantly in the process, new materials, battery thin film and other aspects of exploration, including the recent development of dye-sensitized TiO2 nanocrystalline solar cells by the network of scientists generally. Dye-sensitized solar cell testing methods, in the photoelectrochemical testing of solar cells, the appropriate light source Chu very important conditions. Because the xenon lamp spectrum and solar spectrum is very close, so in the laboratory is usually used xenon lamp as irradiation light source. Xenon lamp bulb glass with a hard temperature-resistant quartz glass made of quartz, the lamp filled with pressurized xenon lamp shortened lamp is lit time, lamp light color by filling the bulb of xenon, mercury vapor and a small amount of metal halide Matter. The electronic controller system is an independent system, including the transformer and the electronic control unit, has the ignition voltage and the working voltage two kinds of functions. The main function of the electronic control unit is to limit the operating current of the xenon bulb, to provide a very high ignition voltage to the bulb and to maintain the work of low voltage.
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The xenon lamp will emit strong infrared and ultraviolet rays, so to save: xenon lamp light path 10 placed infrared filter to remove the infrared light source and cut off the filter in addition to the light source of ultraviolet light to obtain visible light. Compared with the human spectrum of sunlight can be swallowed, the infrared and ultraviolet light over the 6 xenon lamp spectrum has been very close to the sun light, so this light source 4 to be used to calibrate the sun for solar cell photoelectrochemical testing.

The spectrum of the xenon lamp contains a large halo of ultraviolet light and infrared light and portable solar power generator, in order to avoid the UV-induced semi-direct transition and infrared light generated by the thermal current, usually with the cut-off filter to xenon lamp UV and Infrared light filter, in addition, the determination of the battery a color photoelectric conversion efficiency, the need to use the band pass filter to white light decomposition into the shade. Due to high temperature lead to collision excitation, and with the pressure rise to broaden the spectrum to form band spectrum
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