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Polymer Battery Advantages and Disadvantages

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-12 17:07:19
Polymer lithium battery is a lithium ion battery, but unlike liquid lithium battery (Li-ion), and not like lifepo4 batteries (3.2V) compared with a high energy density, more compact, thin, lightweight, low cost and high security and other obvious advantages, is a new type of battery. Here we detail the advantages and disadvantages of lithium polymer.

Lithium polymer battery

First, the advantages:

1. Good safety performance

Polymer lithium batteries in the structure of plastic flexible packaging, different from the liquid metal batteries, once safety problems, explosive liquid batteries, polymer batteries will only drums.

2. small thickness, can do thinner

Slim, the battery can be assembled into the credit card. Ordinary liquid lithium using the first custom shell, after the Cypriot village of positive and negative material method, the thickness of 3.6mm or less do the technical bottleneck, this problem does not exist polymer batteries, the thickness of less than 1mm can be achieved, in line with current demand for mobile phones direction. It also can be used in solar powered portable generator.
lifePo4 storage battery pack
3. Light weight

Using a polymer lithium batteries without metal shell as protection packaging. Polymer battery weight compared with the same capacities of steel lithium, 40% lighter, 20% lighter than aluminum battery.

4. Large capacity

Higher polymer battery sizes of steel equivalent to 10 to 15% battery capacity than the aluminum battery 5 to 10%, the preferred color screen mobile phones and multimedia phones, now available in new color screen and MMS cell phone they use polymer batteries.

5. The internal resistance

Polymer batteries internal resistance than ordinary liquid small core, the current domestic polymer batteries internal resistance of 35mΩ can do even less, greatly reducing the battery from the power to extend the standby time, can be achieved with the international level. This support large discharge current lithium polymer is ideal for remote control model as the most promising alternative to nickel-hydrogen battery products.

6. The shape can be customized

Manufacturers need not be limited to standard form, it can be economically made of appropriate size. Polymer battery can be added according to customer demand or reduce the thickness of the batteries, the development of new models of batteries, cheap, mold cycle is short, and some can even be tailored according to the shape of a mobile phone to take advantage of the battery housing space, improve battery capacity.

7. Excellent discharge characteristics

Polymer battery with gel electrolyte, compared to liquid electrolyte, gel electrolyte having a stable discharge characteristics and higher discharge platform. The lithium batteries for solar systems is good.

8. Plate Design Simple

As a result of polymer materials, batteries no fire, no explosion, batteries itself has adequate security, thus protecting the circuit design polymer battery can be considered omitted PTC and fuse, thereby saving the cost of the battery.

Second, the disadvantages:

And lithium-ion battery energy density and cycle times compared to both decrease.

Expensive to manufacture.

There is no standard shape, most of the high-capacity battery is manufactured consumer market.

And lithium ion batteries compared to the price of energy is relatively high
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