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Plastic Solar Conductive Material

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 14:08:07
In people's minds, plastic is insulated, in fact, plastic can not only conductive, but also as a raw material for solar cells. What is Solar Plastic? Xiao Shuyong said, in simple terms, is made of plastic conductive polymer materials used in solar power generator. It is understood that the current market, the common polysilicon solar cell materials, the production process of high pollution, energy consumption, raw materials can not be degraded. The new generation of thin-film solar cell raw materials to use rare earth, reserves less equipment investment is also great. We produce solar plastic is organic compounds, not only can be degraded, energy consumption is small, and soft deformable, and even can be dissolved into a solution sprayed on the wall. The current efficiency of solar power generator in about 10%, the cost of electricity per watt is one-tenth of the polysilicon battery.

At present, solar plastic in the global scale has not yet large-scale promotion, there are some small foreign projects have entered the trial phase, such as a US company will spray these materials on the backpack, people can walk side of the phone, MP3, etc. Los Angeles airport waiting for both sides of the canopy, but also covered with this solar brand solar street lamps offer plastic, passengers can side of the car while charging. Will be extended to the market of solar plastic, and then large-scale production.
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But because the compound multi-junction photovoltaic cells are formed in vacuum continuous film, even if it can measure the final made of the characteristics of the entire photovoltaic cells, but also can not determine the cost of the solar panel installation costs, Characteristics, which is a multi-junction type compound photovoltaic cells face a problem. Compound multi-junction solar power batteries are connected in series with each sub-unit, so the smallest solar powered portable generator current of the sub-unit will limit the overall amount of current. If you can not accurately measure the characteristics of each sub-unit, it is difficult to adjust. Previously only according to the overall I-V characteristics and the spectral sensitivity of each sub-unit, the characteristics of each sub-unit, and then determine the development policy.

Then, according to the obtained sub-unit bias and current value of the measurement results, calculate the sub-unit series resistance and parallel resistance and other characteristics. Specifically, after appropriate determination of characteristic values such as series resistance, the relationship between the bias voltage and the current value thus estimated is compared with the actual measurement result, and then the characteristic value is modified so as to make the relationship between the two values Error reduction. This operation is repeated until the error becomes sufficiently small, and the characteristic value is calculated again by the "Powell mixing method". If you use a computer, double junction type photovoltaic cells can be calculated in about 10 hours to complete. According to the University of Tokyo, according to the obtained data to calculate the overall I-V characteristics, the results and experimental values are basically the same.
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In addition to R & D purposes, the new evaluation method is also expected to be used for product inspection purposes. Using the new method to measure the compound multi-junction photovoltaic cell wafers from other countries, it was found that there were deviations between the subunits at different positions in the wafer surface, and when the method of measuring the overall IV characteristic was used, To this characteristic difference. According to the University of Tokyo, this uneven nature of the solar power batteries may have an impact on the long-term reliability.

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